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Exercise every day, be outdoors, and eat proper foods

Exercise every day, be outdoors, and eat proper foods

Beauty gives

The features perfectness, and to the form

Its delicate proportions.


Diogenes and his lantern had an easy, simple task. If they had started out together to turn their searchlight of discovery upon a woman who was neither too fat nor too thin, no doubt they’d been poking around in other people’s affairs ever since. I once heard of a woman to whom the idea of gaining or reducing flesh had never occurred, but she died before I got a chance to look at her, so of course I am rather doubtful as to the truth of the story. To my mind she should have been made president of something or other or else been put on exhibition where the rest of suffering womankind could have gone and feasted their eyes upon such an impossible paragon. If there is not a general wail about over-weight or under-weight, then it’s a thin neck, or big hips, or an inclination to too much “tum-tum,” or skinny arms, or cheeks like miniature pumpkins—and goodness only knows what else. And by the time one particular horror is massaged out of existence another crops up like a spook in the closet of a “fraidy-cat” girl, and then the business is begun all over again.

Therefore, say I this: Don’t worry yourself into your grave about too much flesh or a lack of it unless you find yourself taking on the extreme proportions of a skeleton lady, or a museum exhibit of unusual plumpness. A thin neck may be a bad thing—as all girls so afflicted can testify—but if that thin neck is rebellious, and pays absolutely no attention to tonics or massage or other coddling for which it should rightly be grateful, then merely say, “All right, if you insist!” And turn your attention to other things. What admirer of feminine beauty would not look upon a bright mind, quick, kindly wits, and sweet lovableness as a thousand times more acceptable than a neck as round and perfect as that of a Venus?

On the other hand, let me say that, if you will merely look after your health—exercise every day, be out of doors, eat proper foods and take your daily sponge bath—you will keep your chest broad and full, and your waist trim and neat. Breathing exercises every morning are excellent for this happy condition of affairs. It is my firm belief that women could mold their bodies as they would if they only had patience and perseverance—not so much in flesh-gaining or flesh-losing, but in being wholesomely strong and healthy. This is most necessary, not only to prolong life and make it pleasanter and more livable in every way, but to be what God evidently intended—a robust, well-developed and perfectly formed woman.

Thin girls must be lazy and plump ones busy. If you work hard and have the usual load of worries that half the women lug about with them as they do their powder rags and their purses, then you may never hope to revel in a vast amount of fat. Fretters are invariably thin; they simply worry off the flesh faster than nature can create it.

When a woman is unusually slender it is her duty to get fat, not any more for the reason that she will look prettier with the angles filled out than for the reason that she will be stronger and healthier and in a better condition to resist illness and fatigue. She should have at least ten hours’ sleep out of twenty-four, and this must be healthy sleep in a well-ventilated bedroom, on a hard mattress, and with no high pillows to make her stoop-shouldered and of ungainly figure. A nap during the day is a good thing if one can afford the time.

Absolute freedom from care and anxiety are necessary, but—alas—we cannot always regulate the antics of fate or circumstances that deny us these sweet privileges. The diet must be of the most nourishing, and should consist mostly of food containing starch and sugar, such as good fresh butter, rich milk, cream, fruits both raw and cooked, macaroni, fish, corn, sweet potatoes, peas, beans, ice creams, desserts without pastries, and nourishing broths. Cereals, poultry, game, chocolate and sweet grapes are all excellent. Avoid all spiced, acid or very salty foods. While plenty of outdoor life is most essential, a great deal of exercise is not.

If there is any internal disease, especially the slightest inclination to dyspepsia or liver trouble, one cannot possibly gain flesh until the cause of the extreme slenderness is removed.

When the body is plump in one part and fails in another, either massage or a gymnastic course is advised. Dumb-bells and Indian clubs will develop the arms; massage with a fattening emollient, together with loose clothing, tepid baths and breathing exercises, will increase the size of the chest and bust, while swimming, moderate bicycling and walking are good for nearly all plaints of the thin lady.

But until these changes are brought about—and it will take lots of time—do not fret or worry. Merely wear your clothing very loose, substitute a comfortable little waist for stiff, unwieldy corsets, and see that your gowns are made full and dainty. In this last particular you will have an immense advantage over the woman who would sell the shoes off her feet to be thin and “willowy.”

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are afflicted with wrinkles, it’s an excellent thing to give them some attention. Freckles are bothersome and provoking, and red noses make us as cross as black cats, but wrinkles!—they are the worst of all, for with them comes the sickening realization that the freshness of one’s complexion is beginning to fade, and that youth itself is slipping away.

Deal with your wrinkles before they are here to stay

Deal with your wrinkles before they are here to stay

It is before the lines really appear that they should be considered, for then they’re much more easily managed than when they—with their sisters and their cousins and their aunts, to say nothing of grandmas and babies—settle down for a nice long stay. Wrinkles are worse than boogie men, and “they’ll git you if yo’ don’t watch out!” Read more »

A parasol is a useful accessory to help preserve the complexion

A parasol is a useful accessory to help preserve the complexion

Tan, like borrowing friends, and various other afflictions, is awfully easy to get, but really more than passing difficult to remove. It is delightful to sit on a big boulder that dots a great, lovely, sandy waste and watch your hands gradually turn from their customary whiteness to a deep burnt orange. Read more »

Essense of anise is an effective ingredient in some homemade cough syrups

Essense of anise is an effective ingredient in some homemade cough syrups

Cough Syrup Recipe #1

Take a good sized handful of each: Horehound herb, elecampane root, spikenard root, ginseng root, black cohosh, and skunk cabbage root.

Bruise and cover with spirits or whisky, and let stand ten days; then put all in a suitable vessel, add about four quarts of water and simmer slowly over a fire (but don’t boil) for twelve hours, or till reduced to about three pints. Read more »

    Th blackberry root is one of various that can help heal the liver

    Th blackberry root is one of various roots that can help heal the liver

    Do you have—

  • A frequent headache over the eyes?
  • A susceptibility to chills and fever?
  • A bitter or oily taste in the mouth?
  • A sour stomach?
  • A complexion inclined to be yellow?
  • A great depression of spirits without known cause?
  • Specks before the eyes, and flushed face?
  • A done out, tired feeling?

Besides many other symptoms too numerous to mention? If you have you may be affected in your liver and kidneys, and should do something for it. Read more »

If you have a jolly, bright face you will look pretty

If you have a jolly, bright face you will look pretty

One of the first things to remember in the cultivation of beauty is expression. Who doesn’t enjoy looking upon the young girl, with a bright, cheerful face, laughing eyes and all that? Everybody! Read more »

Soaps and scrubbing should be used in moderation on our skin

Soaps and scrubbing should be used in moderation on our skin

As part of the perspiration deposited upon our skins is in the form of a delicate oil, and as this oil may become mixed with dirt, or dust, and form a mixture not readily soluble in water, it is at times advisable to add to the water something that will dissolve oil. Read more »

Rose water is an essential ingredient in many face creams

The best times one can benefit from lotions and creams is after a bath.

When it comes to dry skin, there are many things that a woman can do to relieve it. There are many new remedies that you can do from home that can relieve your dry skin and give you that smooth silky feel you have always wanted.

When women have dry skin, it may look scaly and extremely rough. It can be on any part of the body, but most women get it the worst on their feet, legs, and arms.

If you suffer from dry, itchy patches, try not to scratch as continued scratching can eventually lead to it bleeding and can even cause infection.

Try these home remedies to get the relief you need:

Milk it Down


If you suffer from dry itchy skin, simply pour milk into a large bowl or basin. Soak a cloth of some sort in the milk and set it on the affected area for about five minutes.

Milk contains anti inflammatory ingredients that can relieve the itch and can stop you from constant scratching.

Grease Up a Little


Using a lotion or moisturizer that is creamy and thick can relieve some of the itch. Lotions that are more watery won’t really do much for you. The most recommended one is petroleum jelly. If it is a bit too think for you, you can warm it up in your hands as it will make it easier to spread over the area.

Moisturize While You Are Damp


The best time you can benefit from applying lotions and creams is after a nice bath or shower. The lotion will help to lock in the moisture.

Use an Overnight Cure


This method can help your skin to feel less dry when you wake up. Take a warm bath and when you are about to shrivel up, your skin will be fully moisturized. Make sure you just pat your skin dry and then apply a thin layer of an oil, such as Crisco. This works well because it is thick and will help lock in moisture. Put your pajamas on and go to bed.

It can get a bit on the messy side, so you should wear pajamas that are a little older and use an old sheet set.

Seal and Grease Super Dry Areas


Some of the areas that suffer the most seem to be the hands, heels and the elbows. You can use grease to help treat these areas and to lock in the moisture. You can wear gloves over your hands that are greased up at night, or socks over your feet.


Dry Skin Home Remedies

Main ingredients should be sifted over and over to make for a fine face powder

Main ingredients should be sifted over and over to make for a fine face powder

Whenever women fail for congenial topics of dispute they can always fall back on the old topic of the best face-powder.

“I have used that delightful velvety ‘Blush Rose’ for years and years,” says Mrs. Lovely, “and I think it is simply fine.”

“Blush Rose?” shrieks Mrs. Pretty. “Why, I wouldn’t use that for a-an-any-thing! My husband’s brother-in-law, who worked in a drug store, once told me that ‘Blush Rose’ had lead and bismuth and ever so many other dreadful, awful things in it. Now, I dote on ‘Velvety Carnation.’ I know that that is perfectly pure.

“‘Velvety Carnation!'” repeats Mrs. Lovely. “You poor child. I don’t wonder that you have such a time with your skin—” And so on until both charming disputants march airily away, each deciding that the other will soon be in her grave if such foolishness in the choice of a face powder is continued.

The formula for face powder which I am about to give is not only  harmless, but of exceptional medicinal qualities. Boracic acid can help irritated skin, so the girl with facial eruptions can feel perfectly safe in using this powder. Oxide of zinc, in the quantity given, can do no possible injury; many of the manufactured preparations being made almost entirely of this ingredient.

Poudre des Fees (Fairy Powder)

1 ounce Lubin’s rice powder
3 ounces best, purest oxide of zinc
½ ounce carbonate of magnesia, finely powdered
20 grains boracic acid
2 drops attar of rose

When purchasing your ingredients ask the druggist to powder each separately in a mortar. First put your rice powder through a fine sieve, and then through bolting cloth.

Do the same thing with the oxide of zinc, the magnesia and the boracic acid before adding them to the rice powder. When all are combined put twice through bolting cloth.

After each sifting throw away any tiny particles that remain. It is very necessary that all the ingredients be made fine and soft and fluffy.

Add the oil of rose last. By putting in the tiniest suggestion of finely powdered carmine you can get the cream powder, and by putting in still more you will have the rose or pink tint.

While blonds, with clear, perfect skins, can use either the white or the pink very nicely, cream is the more acceptable color for brunettes.

Consuelo Powder

5 ounces of talcum.
5 ounces of rice flour
2½ ounces of the best zinc oxide
2 drops each of oils of bergamot, ylang-ylang and neroli

The three main ingredients should be sifted over and over again, and if flesh color is desired, a little carmine must be added, the sifting continuing. Then add the perfumes and sift again, so as to avoid any lumps.

Evening before sleep is the best time for taking a warm bath

Evening before sleep is the best time for taking a warm bath

The best form of bath is either the tub or the shower bath; and the cooler the water, provided that you warm up to it quickly and pleasantly, the greater the tonic effect, the more exhilaration and pleasure you will get out of it, and the more it will harden your skin against cold. But it should never under any circumstances be any cooler than you can readily and pleasantly react, or warm up to, during the bath and afterward. Read more »