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The lady does not like to get the cold sore, especially not before a very social occasion. Whether it be a party, a ball, a wedding, bridge club tea or a really important office meeting, the lady does not want to have the sore on her lip.

Just like a bad cold, a cold sore appears when the body’s immunity is down, stress levels are up and the diet is not being tended to efficiently.

It feels to the lady as if “the cold sore is the main focus of the conversation.”

There are various steps the lady can take to totally eliminate or at least reduce the pain and look of the burdensome cold sore.

Lysine rich foods such as buckwheat can help to reduce cold sore outbreaks

Lysine rich foods such as buckwheat can help to reduce cold sore outbreaks

Select a diet that chooses lots of lysine enriched foods, and very little foods high in arginine.

Keep a strong balance between these two amino acids.

Eat lots of foods rich in lysine. For example: eggs, cods, sardines, parmesan cheese, tofu, beans, asparagus, spinach, buckwheat, lentils, dairy products and spirulina.

Stay away from foods with high arginine such as: peanuts, peanut butter, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, walnuts, almonds, chocolate, coconut, cereal grains including white and whole wheat flour, dairy products, gelatin, meat, oats, and edible seeds. Eat all of these high arginine foods in moderation or stay away from them entirely to reduce cold sores.

While foods are the main key to defeating cold sores, mind over matter can be helpful in reducing cold sores from the lady’s life. Keep anxiety levels to a low level. Stressful situations can lead to anxious feelings which can cause strain on the immune system, leading to a possibility of cold sores. Breathe deeply and slowly during stressful situations. Allow your mind to take you to a more calm place.

Finally, keep a good night’s rest EVERY night if possible. As soon as the lady may stray from this sleep, her immunity will deplete, making room for those cold sores to appear. The lady must know when to leave, even at the most exciting party. Keep in mind it is always best to leave while you are still having fun.