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Although not life-threatening, constipation is bothersome. And, it is a condition that many women suffer from. Constipation is caused by a disturbance of the digestive tract making bowel movements irregular and painful. It can be a result of poor diet or it may be caused by an underlying illness such as arthritis, rheumatism, cataract, cancer and appendicitis.

Eating fruit and drinking lots of water can help relieve constipation.

Eating fruit and drinking lots of water can help relieve constipation.

Aside from hard stools, constipation can also cause foul breath, headaches, loss of appetite, dark circles under the eyes, dizziness, nausea, and depression, pimples on the face, constant fullness in the abdomen, diarrhea, varicose veins, heart burn, insomnia, and pain in the lumbar region.

For women who suffer from the condition, there are remedies which you can engage in that will help combat the condition.

Constipation Home Remedies:

Diet: Diet is one of the main culprits in contributing to constipation. For those that aren’t consuming an adequate supply of water, are consuming too many refined foods, consuming an abundance of meat, drinking an excess of strong tea and coffee, and overeating will need to consider health smart alternatives, as these all contribute to constipation.

Add plenty of fruit to your diet. Bael fruit is considered to be one of the best natural laxatives. By introducing bael fruit into your diet and eating regularly for two or three months it will help alleviate and seize the condition. Take the fruit before dinner.  Pears and guava are both fruits that will help to treat constipation. Eat the seeds of the guava as well as the fruit. Spinach is an excellent vegetable to include in your diet and will help to fight constipation.

More Remedies to Consider:
Mix the juice of half a lime into a glass of hot water. Add a teaspoon of salt and drink.

Store water in a copper vessel overnight and drink first thing in the morning.

Take a teaspoon of linseed with water before each meal.

Chew your food thoroughly and avoid hurried meals.

Get plenty of exercise and fresh air.

This is my husband

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Good Hygiene is the best remedy for bad breath.

Good hygiene is the best remedy for bad breath.


Bad breath is something that affects everyone of every age. However, for women, it can be especially humiliating if not alienating. There are the occasions when the salami sandwich eaten at lunchtime will cause the foul smelling odor.

However, there are more serious reasons that one can suffer from bad breath as well, and it may be a result of poor hygiene or illness, and the cause should be addressed. For women, bad breath is something that completely takes from the woman’s aura and leaves her feeling deflated. For you women, there are many home remedies, many of which can be found from your kitchen cupboard that should help to improve the situation.

The most important remedy is good hygiene. Many women brush their teeth two times a day. However, this is not enough. Brush your teeth after your major meals, and try to get in the habit of brushing them after snacking. If you cannot brush after snacking, then eat an apple. In the morning when you brush your teeth, brush your tongue as well. This will get the extra bacterium that feeds in the crevices of your tongue out and your mouth fresh.

Instead of using your morning mouthwash, which masks the condition, use ½ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and gargle.

Include a drop of tea oil on your tooth brush at night when you are brushing your teeth. But, spit the tea oil out with your toothpaste.

For all you Mexican food lovers, avocado is a natural lotion that helps aid in the condition of bad breath. And, it fights gum disease. While many of us women worry about our figure- which is justifiable, don’t skimp on the avocado!

Use fenugreek mixed with water and drink as a tea. Simper one teaspoonful of fenugreek in ½ liter of water and simmer for fifteen minutes.

No remedy will be complete without a healthy lifestyle. And, for women this is most important. Get in the habit of health smart living by including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and practice the best hygiene possible.

Antioxidants, epsom salt, omega 3s and are some remedies for arthritis

Antioxidants, epsom salt, omega 3s and are some remedies for arthritis.

There are many different things that a woman can do with regards to treating her arthritis pain. These home remedies for arthritis are valuable in that these arthritis treatments for women can work without the use of any type of medication.

Bathing with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a useful material with regards to arthritis treatments in that Epsom salt can work to regulate the pH level in the body so that it will be easier for the body to absorb minerals used to help with preventing arthritis flare-ups. Taking a bath with an Epsom salt solution is a great thing to do. Just add a few cups of this salt into hot water in a bathtub. After this the user can soak in the tub. The magnesium that is found in Epsom salt will be absorbed by the body so that joints and muscles can be relaxed.

A Scarf Can Relieve Pain

Using a scarf is one of the simplest arthritis treatments for women to use. It helps to wrap a scarf around a joint that is experiencing arthritis pain. This is because of how a scarf can work to heat a joint so that pains can be properly relieved. It helps to be sure that the scarf is not wrapped too tightly around an area.

Omega 3s are Helpful

Omega 3 fatty acids have been found In studies to help with improving joint functions while reducing arthritis inflammation that can be caused by arthritis. A diet with Omega 3 fatty acids, including ones from fish and flaxseed, can be a good thing to do for one’s needs.

Antioxidants Work Too

A diet that features plenty of antioxidants can help as well. Antioxidants can work to control arthritis inflammation and to keep joints from deteriorating quickly. Various types of foods, including berries, soy and tea feature antioxidants. Red wine has antioxidants as well but it is best to keep from consuming too much red wine.

Hot Water, Aloe and Honey are useful home remedies for coughing

Hot Water, Aloe and Honey are useful home remedies for coughing

No woman should have to deal with a bothersome cough throughout one’s day. Fortunately there are a number of home remedies for coughing that can work. These are useful remedies that can help to keep a woman from being bothered by this problem.

Chocolate is Delicious and Helpful

What woman doesn’t love chocolate? Not many, considering that it is not only delicious but it can also relieve coughing. Chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that can work to relieve coughing. This makes enjoying chocolate one of the best home remedies for coughing to use.

Hot Water Can Relieve a Difficult Throat

A major reason as to why coughing can occur comes from the wastes in one’s throat. Using hot water can get this problem cleared up. This will work in that hot water can be boiled and the vapors from the water can be inhaled. The user’s head should be covered with a towel so that the user can be protected. Breathing in the vapors can help to reduce wastes in one’s throat by helping to relax the throat.

Honey is One of the Best Things to Try Out

Honey is not only a sweet and delicious material but it can also relieve coughing. This is one of the best home remedies for coughing in that honey can work to loosen up mucus in one’s throat. This works to prevent irritation. For the best results honey should be mixed with spices like white pepper or black pepper.

Aloe and Honey are Useful

Combining aloe and honey together can be a good thing to do for one’s cough. Aloe leaves can be ground and mixed into a juice with honey. When boiled together they can be enjoyed in a refreshing hot tea. This is valuable in that aloe and honey can work to soothe an irritated throat while creating a sweet taste that can be enjoyable.

Purify the Air

Coughing can be caused by harmful air conditions. It helps to use an air purifier in one’s home or to switch the air filters in one’s home to clear air so one’s throat will not be irritated. In addition to this it helps to keep smokers out of one’s home.

Keeping a clear nose and throat is essential in helping a cough.

Keeping a clear nose and throat is essential in helping a cough.

There isn’t really a definite cure to get rid of a cough, but there are ways that you can stop it from getting worse, or to at least lessen the severity or length of it. You can head to the drug store and get cough syrups and medicines, or you may have all the remedies in your own cupboards or refrigerator.

For women who are pregnant, it can be difficult to get rid of a cough as you really can’t take much.

Many of the syrups or medications are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. These home remedies can help you as they are all natural.

Natural Remedies for Coughing

Bacteria can multiply at amazing rates, so keeping your nose and throat clean is essential. This can help prevent the severity of  the cough and infection. Try to not blow your nose too hard as this can increase pressure. Also, don’t suck the mucus back in your nasal passages as this can keep the infection in there rather than getting rid of it.

Be sure to blow your nose frequently. By doing this several times a day, you can keep your nose clear of any mucus that can be irritating your throat. You will also get temporary relief from pressure build up.

Take eight ounces of water and mix in about one teaspoon of salt. Keep it with you in the bathroom or next to your bed and gargle a few  times a day. This can moisten the throat and bring relief from the soreness from coughing so much.

It is important to drink lots of fluids throughout the day. Fluids can keep your throat moist which will prevent you from coughing. Water is a great choice, but also teas work just as well. Peppermint teas are known to be a natural decongestant and you can drink ginger tea to sooth your stomach. Thyme can make coughing more productive in getting mucus up and out of the chest. The warmth of any liquids can bring relief to your throat.

A teaspoon of honey taken every few hours can give a thick coat to the throat bringing relief. You can also mix it with lemon juice or even in teas.

You can add a few drops of eucalyptus to your bath water and relax for about fifteen minutes. The fragrance acts as a vaporizer and can help you relax more.

A diet that includes cinnamon and tumeric can help prevent heartburn.

A diet that includes cinnamon and tumeric can help prevent heartburn.

Heartburn Diet, Sleeping Pattern Changes and Other Home Remedies for Heartburn

There are many useful heartburn remedies for women to use. These heartburn remedies for women are ones that can work to help with treating this condition without the dangerous side effects that medications can have.

Turmeric Can Help

A good thing to do is to consider adding turmeric to one’s meals. Turmeric is one of the most popular parts of heartburn remedies for women in that this material, which is commonly found in curry dishes, works to stimulate saliva production so digestive juices can move properly. Turmeric can also neutralize acid for a heartburn diet.

Cinnamon Can Also Work

Another thing for a heartburn diet is cinnamon. By brewing tea and mixing it with a cinnamon stick it can be easy to get a good cinnamon tea drink ready that can work to relieve heartburn. Cinnamon toast is also known to help in that it can neutralize acid, thus making this good for a heartburn diet.

Don’t Lie Down After Eating

Another thing about a heartburn diet is to be sure that one does not lie down right after eating. When staying upright the body will process foods correctly without causing foods to go up and cause heartburn.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can cause the lining of one’s stomach to weaken, thus causing heartburn. It helps for any woman to avoid smoking or to quit smoking if one is doing that. It helps to take a look at any materials in one’s home that can create smoke and remove them as well. This is one of the easiest home remedies for heartburn to use.

Sleeping Patterns Can Influence Heartburn

An important part of heartburn is that sleeping and heartburn are linked in that when sleeping materials in one’s stomach can move to the esophagus. A good thing to check out with regards to home remedies for heartburn is to change one’s sleeping habit. A good tip to use here is to raise the head of the bed to where one’s head will be at a higher elevation level. This is something that can be adjusted by a few inches. This gets the contents in one’s stomach to stay there, thus helping to break the link between sleeping and heartburn.

A diet that is rich in selenium is another thing that can curb depression in women.

A diet that is rich in selenium is another thing that can curb depression in women.

Herbs for Tea, Yoga and Other Valuable Remedies for Depression in Women

Depression is a difficult condition for women to deal with. However there are many home remedies for depression that can be used to help with easing this common problem.

Many Herbs for Tea are Useful

There are all sorts of herbs for depression that can work as useful home remedies for depression. This comes from how these herbs for tea can work to reduce feelings of stress that can cause depression.
Herbs for depression can be prepared in a variety of different ways. For instance, tea can be prepared with half a teaspoon of sage and a quarter teaspoon of tulsi. Another option is to brew tea with two green cardamom seeds ground into the tea. A quarter teaspoon of holy basil can also work as one of the best herbs for tea.

A Good Diet Can Also Work

Another thing about depression in women is that a diet can cause depression. A lack of vitamins, particularly B vitamins, can cause depression due to a lack of regulation of proper brain chemicals. Therefore having a good diet can help to prevent depression in women. Consuming orange juice each day and other juices that continue B vitamins can help. Folic acid, which is a B vitamin that regulates serotonin in the brain, can also help. Vegetables can feature this B vitamin that can prevent depression in women.

Selenium is an Important Thing to Use

A diet that is rich in selenium is another thing that can curb depression in women. Selenium is known to help to reducing depression and anxiety according to a variety of different medical studies over the years. Foods that contain selenium can be very useful as a result. Among the foods to check out include tuna, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts and even oysters.

Relax With Yoga

Yoga is a great type of activity that women can enjoy. It can also work to help with preventing depression from occurring in that yoga can help to release endorphins in one’s brain. Endorphins are used to block pains that can cause depression in women. Yoga can be enjoyed in one’s home or at a gym.

Foods high in beta carotene, like spinach and berries help to improve the functioning of the lungs.

Foods high in beta carotene, like spinach and berries help to improve the functioning of the lungs.

Chest congestion can make it hard to cough or breathe. Some home remedies for chest congestion can be handled as a means of helping to keep chest congestion from getting too bad. There are a number of processes that can be handled here.

Use a Diet with Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is a mineral that is used to help with improving the functioning of the lungs in the body. Having a diet that features many fruits and vegetables that contain beta carotene is always a good thing to do. Among the foods that contain beta carotene include such options as spinach and berries.

A Diet with Vitamin C Also Helps

Having a diet that features plenty of Vitamin C can work to ease this condition. This is done by helping to make the immune system stronger so that mucus can be fought off with ease. This will reduce the effects of chest congestion over time.

Drink Plenty of Water

Increasing one’s water intake will be an important thing to do here. Water can work to get toxins in the body removed so that bacteria that can cause chest congestion can be removed.

Be Sure to Change Sleep Habits

Sometimes the way one sleeps can cause chest congestion. Sleeping with a high pillow can help. This will work to keep the body slightly elevated so that chest congestion can be prevented or alleviated. This works with helping to make sure that mucus in the chest can settle down and be able to be removed with ease.

Inhale Steam

Steam can work to help with improving the chest in that it can loosen up phlegm that can get into the chest. When this happens the materials can be coughed out with ease so that the chest will feel relaxed. Steam can come from a warm shower or from boiling water. Even a humidifier in one’s home can be used for this purpose.

There are many natural remedies to help with the removal of warts.

There are many natural remedies to help with the removal of warts.

Home Remedies for Warts on the Hands and Feet Can Smooth the Skin

The hands and feet can easily be susceptible to warts. These bumpy spots are generally harmless but they are still annoying and bothersome spots to deal with. A number of home remedies for warts on the hands and feet can be used to help with keeping these warts from becoming too difficult for one to handle.

Duct Tape Can Treat Warts

Duct tape can be wrapped around an impacted area a few times and sealed off for a few days. After a couple of days the duct tape should be removed and the treated area should be left to air out. This can work to help with killing off any excess skin that was involved with the wart so that it will be easier to kill off the wart.

Vinegar is a Useful Tool

The affected area can also be soaked in vinegar. This can be done by first washing the impacted area and then soaking it in vinegar for a few minutes. It helps to use a treatment of vinegar once a day for a while so that the wart will be able to go away in just a couple of weeks.

Rub Onions on the Site

While rubbing onions on a wart sounds silly the truth is that onions that have been cut up can help to stimulate blood movements in an impacted area. This can cause the wart to go away over a period of time.

Apply Castor Oil to a Wart

Another option is to apply caster oil to an impacted area. Castor oil should be applied at night to the area and should be continued on a nightly basis until the wart is removed. This can take a while but it is a very effective approach to getting rid of a wart on one’s hand or foot.