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This website contains information gathered from a variety of early twentieth-century literary resources on health and beauty self-care for ladies. Please keep in mind, that many of the descriptions were written nearly a century ago prior to the invention of laser-surgery, botox, self-tanning, cosmetic surgery and other modern techniques. The approach documented on this website is different, on Women’s Home, instead, you will find many natural remedies for health and beauty that can be found in your own cupboard and made from readily available natural ingredients.

Some of the names of ingredients in the remedies may have changed since they were authored. We recommend you research all ingredients before using them. As interesting as it to learn about these often timeless remedies, we recommend you seek professional medical advice before indulging in any of the treatments.

You will notice that the language and writing is far more lovely and poetic than how we write today. We believe this is what makes reading up on all these old fashioned remedies so interesting. We hope our website is educational, entertaining and takes you back to a time where ladies were meant to be naturally lovely.