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Arthritis Home Remedies

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Antioxidants, epsom salt, omega 3s and are some remedies for arthritis

Antioxidants, epsom salt, omega 3s and are some remedies for arthritis.

There are many different things that a woman can do with regards to treating her arthritis pain. These home remedies for arthritis are valuable in that these arthritis treatments for women can work without the use of any type of medication.

Bathing with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a useful material with regards to arthritis treatments in that Epsom salt can work to regulate the pH level in the body so that it will be easier for the body to absorb minerals used to help with preventing arthritis flare-ups. Taking a bath with an Epsom salt solution is a great thing to do. Just add a few cups of this salt into hot water in a bathtub. After this the user can soak in the tub. The magnesium that is found in Epsom salt will be absorbed by the body so that joints and muscles can be relaxed.

A Scarf Can Relieve Pain

Using a scarf is one of the simplest arthritis treatments for women to use. It helps to wrap a scarf around a joint that is experiencing arthritis pain. This is because of how a scarf can work to heat a joint so that pains can be properly relieved. It helps to be sure that the scarf is not wrapped too tightly around an area.

Omega 3s are Helpful

Omega 3 fatty acids have been found In studies to help with improving joint functions while reducing arthritis inflammation that can be caused by arthritis. A diet with Omega 3 fatty acids, including ones from fish and flaxseed, can be a good thing to do for one’s needs.

Antioxidants Work Too

A diet that features plenty of antioxidants can help as well. Antioxidants can work to control arthritis inflammation and to keep joints from deteriorating quickly. Various types of foods, including berries, soy and tea feature antioxidants. Red wine has antioxidants as well but it is best to keep from consuming too much red wine.

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