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Hemorrhoids Home Remedies

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A warm bath can help soothe pain coming from hemmorhoids.

A warm bath can help soothe pain coming from hemmorhoids.

Hemorrhoids are humiliating and they are embarrassing. And, for those women that suffer from them, many are finding they are pure misery.

One of the symptoms of hemorrhoids is blood. You may also experience itching and/or soreness around anus. The hemorrhoid normally swells and produces a blood type blister that is verypainful. This is actually a swollen and irritated vein under the skin. These hemorrhoids are external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids also exist.

Internal hemorrhoids are ones that are a result of the blood in the irritated vein becomes hardened and clots.

Both can be extremely painful.

Hemorrhoids are something that normally “run their course”. Although there are no cures, there are several hemorrhoid home remedies which can be used to help aid and relieve the condition.

For those women looking for a solution, consider the following treatments.

One of the first necessities is lifestyle. With a lifestyle diet high in fiber and the intake of plenty
of water, this will aid in the body’s digesting and will reduce the strain when defecating. It is also important to engage in regular exercise to keep the body fit and healthy and operating smoothly.

Take a warm bath. This will help to relax the sphincter muscle which will soothe the pain. Sit in the warm bath for 15 minutes and repeat several times a day if necessary.

When hemorrhoids are sore, this is one of the quickest ways to relieve the pain.

Rub a small amount of Petroleum Jelly on the affected area. This will help to reduce the swelling and the pain associated with the hemorrhoid.

Eat Psyllium seeds. These are high in fiber and are effective in producing a softer stool, which is easier to pass, thus reducing the strain that irritates and cause hemorrhoids.

Add one teaspoon of Psyllium seeds to an eight ounce glass of water- drink the mixture before breakfast each day for a week. On the start of the second week, add an additional glass before lunch time. On the start of the third week, introduce yet a third glass.

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