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What are Some Common Ovulation Signs

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What are Some Common Ovulation Signs

As a woman, it is important to know when you’re ovulating. If you are ovulating, you are at your most fertile condition. And that means your chances of getting pregnant are very high. It’s a good thing that most of the ovulation signs are quite impossible to miss.

To know right away if you’re fertile or not, watch out for these signs:

1. Cervical mucus becomes watery
The excretion of your body when you’re ovulating is very much like to that of a raw egg white. The fluid is also stretchy if you try to stick it between your fingers.

2. Slight pain in the lower abdomen
Some women will feel ovulation pain in the lower abdomen. Such pain is sudden and constant.

3. Increase in body temperature
When a woman is ovulating, her progesterone level shoots up. And that causes her body temperature to increase. If you know how to chart your body temperature though the basal body thermometer, it will be much easier to know if you’re ovulating or not.

4. Increased libido
Your sex drive is sure to surge during the entire ovulation process. This is mostly caused by the rise your progesterone level as well. If you feel that you’re suddenly interested in having sex or are easily aroused by simple contact, the chances are high that you are ovulating at such time.

5. Spotting
Some women may experience mid cycle spotting during their ovulation phase. This may be caused by the release of the egg from your uterus. The spotting only gets more pronounced during the ovulation period. Needless to say, that is the best time to conceive for women who would like to have a child.

These are the five most common ovulation signs. You don’t need to observe all of them. The presence of just one of these signs alone can be an indication that you could be ovulating.

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