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Hair Loss Remedies

Many adults suffer from hair loss at an early age. Men are more prone to it, but women as well can suffer hair loss. There are a variety of cures for men, but for women, not so much. There are however, a few tips that you can take to help slow down hair loss, if not prevent it from happening. Many of the methods are simple changes to your daily activities.

Remedies for Hair Loss


One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent hair loss is to eat a well balanced diet. You need to be sure that you are getting enough protein, and you should get between three or more ounce sizes per day and can include fish or chicken. Getting the right amount of protein can help your cells make new hair when the old stuff falls out. Having a deficiency in iron can result in anemia which in turn causes hair loss. Taking a vitamin daily can also ensure that you are getting the right nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis which can pose many health benefits.

Shampooing Your Hair

When it comes to shampooing your hair, it’s important to be as gentle as you can. A lot of people think that by rubbing hard, this can help clean the hair. You should wash your hair as you would wash a baby’s hair. You should not wash your hair more than one time per day and when rubbing your scalp do it gently. Every three months you should switch to a different shampoo which can help prevent shedding. When you are done, allow your hair to dry naturally. Don’t use a hair dryer as it can cause your hair to get weak and break off. If you do need to use one, use it on the lowest setting possible.

Styling Your Hair

When it comes to styling your hair, you should always make sure that it is dry before it is styled. Combing through wet hair is not a good thing as it can stretch the hair and can also cause it to start to break over time. Teasing should not be done as this is one of the worst things to be done to your hair. This can lead to breaking and can eventually make your hair look less full and thin.

As far as hair loss goes, there really aren’t many natural methods that will help you to grow your hair again. There are nutrients as well as botanical things that will help your hair to become stronger, replenish nutrients that were lost and are adding to the hair loss issue, and can also help slow the process down. You should steer clear of any natural supplement that says it will give you a cure for growing new hair.

Dry hair can be quite bothersome for many women.

Dry hair can be quite bothersome for many women.

Helpful Dry Hair Treatment Remedies

Dry hair is bothersome for any woman to deal with. After all, it can be not only uncomfortable and unappealing but it can also cause split ends. A good number of dry hair treatment remedies that any woman can do in her own home can help to alleviate this problem.

Avoid Heat When Drying

It sounds like a simple idea but the truth is that heat can damage one’s scalp and can cause one’s hair to get weak. Using a gentle patting motion with a towel can help to keep from having one’s hair impacted by high heat conditions.

Mayonnaise Can Help

While using mayonnaise to treat dry hair sounds silly it can help to condition one’s hair effectively and without the use of chemicals that some conditioners have. A dollop of mayonnaise should be applied to one’s hair about five minutes before washing.

Beer Can Work Too

Using beer sounds even sillier than using mayonnaise but beer can be used as a good lotion. In fact it will not cause any bothersome odors in that the scent of the beer can easily go away after a few minutes. This can work to putting the beer into a pump bottle and then spraying it onto the hair after shampooing and drying it with a towel. It should be applied before styling the hair if one wishes to do that.

Be Sure to Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking a good amount of water each day can help to keep hair from getting too dry in that the water can get into one’s scalp and therefore cause hair particles to feel soft. It is a very easy treatment to use.

Remove All Split Ends

Trimming one’s hair every few weeks to remove split ends can help. It is tougher to get split ends to be moisturized than it is to get other strands of hair handled.

Natural hair make a beautiful woman

Appropriate style hair make a beautiful woman.

There are certain rules for hairdressing that were just as good in Eve’s hairpinless age as they will be a hundred years hence. By keeping these rules in mind you can make a picture or a cartoon of yourself, just as you wish.

The one thing to remember is that the lines and proportions of the face must be carefully considered and a mode of hairdressing adopted which will lessen and not exaggerate those lines and proportions. Be alert to your defects, and do not forget that what may be essentially appropriate for one woman will be dismally inappropriate for another.

Those fortunate women to whom straight hair is becoming should never indulge in curls. There is nothing prettier than hair drawn loosely away from the face. It leaves displayed those lovely lines on the temples about which artists and poets go mad. As to the style of dressing one’s hair, that must be left solely to one’s taste. If the lines of the head, the shape of the face and the hair itself are studied a bit the solution of the most becoming coiffure is very easily solved.

A head that looks like a wax image in a hairdresser’s window is certainly anything but pretty. Neither is it artistic, for the correctly crimped and waved side-locks are too mechanically planned to look at all natural. To nearly all women the plainer the mode of hairdressing the more becoming it is. That does not mean that you should comb your hair straight back and wad it into a funny little bump. Quite the contrary. Comb it back if you will, but have the coil loose and graceful. It is very bad for the hair either to be pulled back tightly or to be closely arranged. Ventilation is necessary, and, by the way, caressing and smoothing the hair with the fingers is a good tonic for its growth and beauty.

A few loose short curls about the face seem necessary to the good looks of the majority of women, but the heavy bang was shelved years ago. Wasn’t it hideous? But perhaps you are too young to remember. Get out the family album, then, and see for yourself.

It has always been a double-turreted wonder to me why romancers are forever harping about heroines with “tresses in artistic disarray.” All the tresses in such condition that I have ever gazed upon have looked most slovenly and ofttimes positively waggish. How any one can think that a girl with a tangled braid hanging down her back, a little wad over one ear, a ragged, jagged fringe edging its way into her eyes and half a dozen little wisps standing out here and there in haystack fashion—how one can even fancy that such a head as that is pretty is more than I can explain. Clothes may make the man, but rational hairdressing goes a pretty long way toward making the woman. Observe my lady in curl-papers and my lady togged up for a dinner party. Comment is unnecessary, for you have all seen her—or yourselves, which is quite the same thing.

Suppose a woman has a square, heavy jaw. She is just the one who flings defiance at prevailing fashions and clings to the dear old straight bangs deep over her eyes. The heavy chin makes a straight line, the heavy fringe makes another, and the result is that her face is as perfectly square as rules and measurements could make it. Let this deluded lady shake herself together and mend her ways. By making the top of her head appear wider the broad jaws will—according to all laws of reasoning—seem to be narrower. A few dainty puffs towering up prettily and a soft, fluffy fringe left flying out over the ears will not only add grace to the forehead but lighten the heaviness of the lower part of the face. A bow of ribbon or any other perky little headdress will detract from the straight cross lines.

Then there is the woman with the sharp chin, the woman of the wedge-shaped face. She invariably wears her hair over her ears and so elongates the V lines of her chin. By arranging the hair close to the sides of her head and putting it in a soft low coil on the top a much more pleasing effect can be got.

The same rule for the heavy-chinned woman applies to the chubby, fat-faced feminine mortal. The “roly-poly” visage looks less “roly-poly” when the front hair is drawn back and up in pompadour style and the long tresses piled into a nice little tower. The pompadour mode of hairdressing also holds good with the girl whose eyes are set too high. This helps along the old-time idea that the eyes of a woman should be in the middle of her head—that is, that they must be set midway between the bottom of the chin and the top of the hair.

For the women with eyes set too low an exactly opposite arrangement should be adopted. Instead of drawing the hair away from the face, bring it down to it. Part the hair and let it come low on the temples and brow.

I have never seen anything or anybody look much funnier than does a woman with a sharp-pointed nose and a pysche knot. The nose bumps out in the front and the wad of hair sticks out in the back with a similarity that is positively convulsing to any one with half an eye for the humorous. It gives one an idiotic longing to take a measuring rule and find out the exact distance from “tip to tip.” Another waggish picture is made by the snub-nosed girl with her hair arranged à la Madonna. These long hirsute lamberquins on either side of her face make the poor little nose appear even smaller, like unto a wee dab of putty or a diminutive biscuit.

Don’t caricature your facial defects. Don’t get the lines of your head and face “out of drawing.” Don’t twist your hair up after every new fashion that chances to come along. Study the contour of your head from every side and then adopt that style of hairdressing which at once brings out the good points and conceals the bad ones. The most becoming coiffure is the one that gives the most artistic balance to the face. What will do for the fat, dumpy Miss Plump will make a human joke out of the lank, willowy Miss Slender.

Natural ingredients help for a shiny and healthy hair

Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water can help with eliminating conditions of dandruff.

Dandruff is a humiliating condition for women. And, often times hard to control When the skin on the scalp begins to shed and is noticeable, the women is suffering from dandruff. Although it may seem that dandruff is a result of dry skin, it is often caused by too much oil of the skin. If your dandruff is severe it may be caused by psoriasis of the scalp. Dandruff does need to be treated and among treatments are many home remedies which, as a woman, you will likely be interested in.

Dandruff Home Remedies:

Drink at least eight glasses of water each day.

Eat plenty of salads, green vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Brush your hair frequently and brush your hair.

Before bedtime, apply a mixture of two teaspoons of vinegar to six teaspoons of water and apply to the scalp. Place a shower cap or towel around your head.

Wash your head the following morning and rinse with vinegar water. Continue this treatment at least once a week for three months.

Mix two teaspoons vinegar with one teaspoon lemon juice and massage onto your scalp. Follow by washing your hair with an egg shampoo.

Add 4 -5 tablespoons of dried thyme to two cups of water and boil for 10 minutes. Cool the mixture and strain. Message the mixture into your scalp and let sit for a half an hour.

Make a dandruff shampoo by boiling shikakai, reetha, and 100g of Indian goose berry, in two liters of water. Once the liquid reduces to half the mixture is complete.

Use the shampoo for one month.

Make a paste from fenugreek seeds. Simply grind the seed and soak them in water overnight. Message the paste onto your scalp and let sit for 15-20 minutes.

Rub baking soda into your wet hair. Then wash it off with water. This will help to relieve the itching and reduce the dandruff.


Test hair dye before using on entire head

Test hair dye before using on entire head

To change the color of the hair various methods and preparations are employed. The principal of these are intended to darken it, but sometimes the contrary is aimed at. Whichever object is desired, it is necessary that the article or preparation employed to carry it out be not of a caustic or irritant nature, capable of injuriously affecting the delicate skin to which it is applied, or that it may be liable to come in contact with, as is the case with many of the nostrums vended for the purpose. Some of the substances that necessarily enter into the composition of hair strains and hair dyes, or that are used in connection with them, possess these objectionable properties in a high degree, and can, therefore, only be safely employed in a state of proper dilution and combination. Read more »

“O wondrous, wondrous, is her braided wealth of golden That drops on neck and temples bare.”

Long, luxuriant hair is beauty

Long, luxuriant hair is beauty

The hair is not only invaluable as a protective covering of the head, but it gives a finish and imparts unequalled grace to the features it surrounds. Sculptors and painters have bestowed on its representation their highest skill and care, and its description and praises have been sung in the sweetest lays by the poets of all ages.   Whether in flowing ringlets, chaste and simple bands, or graceful braids artistically disposed, it is equally charming, and clothes with fascination even the simplest forms of beauty. Read more »

It really is all about balance.

Besides daily attention to the hair, something else is necessary to insure its cleanliness and beauty and the perfect health of the skin of the head from which it springs. For this purpose, the head should be occasionally well washed with soap and water, an abundance of water being used and great care being subsequently taken to thoroughly rinse out the whole of the soap with the water in which the head has been washed. Read more »

To improve the growth and luxuriance of the hair, when languid or defective, the only natural and perfectly safe method that can be adopted is to promote the healthy action of the scalp by increasing the vigor of the circulation of the blood through its minute channels. For this purpose nothing is so simple and effective as gentle excitation of the skin by frequent continued friction with the hairbrush, which has the convenience of ease of application and inexpensiveness. Trimming of the dead ends whenever possible will also help hair to grow and look healthy Read more »

Women’s roles have changed throughout the centuries. However, there is one thing in history that has stayed constant throughout history: women and their love for their hair. Women of Middle Eastern descent in particular gave their hair much consideration.

Ancient Egyptian Women's Hair

Ancient Egyptian Women's Hair

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