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Here is a recipe for an easy body scrub you can make at home in minutes.

This scrub should give you the same results as store bought, or even the feeling you may get after  a  professional full body scrub at the spa.

Mix all the ingredients below in your container of choice. People use everything from old body scrub or face cream jars to resealable bags.

1 empty container, small jar or resealable bag (i.e. ziploc)
1 cup sea salt or kosher salt
1/2 cup oil of your choice (i.e. extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, coconut oil)
A few drops of essential oils of your choice (lavender, orange are some popular flavours)

Instructions: Add all the ingredients in the order that they are shown.  Mix in a bowl and place in an empty container or ziploc bags.

Use the body scrub while taking a bath or in the shower.  Wet skin, and apply scrub to desired body parts.  Rub lightly.   Rinse scrub off after.  (Make sure there is no excess scrub on the floor.  The oil may be slippery.)

Enjoy how soft your skin feels and your lovely fresh scent.

While beauty may come from within, there are many factors that contribute to the outer beauty of the woman. And, when the skin of a woman is affected, it may not only cause physical scars, but emotional scars as well. Acne, although most often experienced by teenagers, is something that affects women as well, and can have a scaring affect.

Acne is a disorder that is caused by plugged pores, and results in outbreaks known as cysts or pimples. Acne can be experienced over the body, in areas such as the neck, facearms, chest and back. It is not life-threatening but is upsetting for the woman who suffers from it. And, permanent scars may occur.

Causes of Acne

While most women do not like to see themselves as indulging on chocolate or sugars, this is thought to be one of the main culprits of acne, and could be the cause of youroutbreaks. There are many different reasons that acne occurs, and among the highest are wrong eating habits including fatty foods, junk foods, late night snacking or too much starch.

Constipation is another cause of acne. This is because when the bowels are not regular, then waste is not eliminated from your body and your bloodstream then becomesfull of toxic matter. The skin works overtime to try to get rid of the waste materials and this causes acne and other skin diseases as well.

Many women prefer seeking home remedies as a solution- they are effective and they come from the cupboard. The following home remedies for acne are remedies that are known to be effective.

Home Remedies:

Create a pouch of a teabag, with 50 mg of strawberry or blackberry leaves and boil it in 1.5 liters of water for about three minutes. Once you have boiled the bag, let it cool and then apply it to the skin. The treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and itch free and is a very effective means in reducing acne.

Mix oatmeal with a fat free yogurt to form a paste that is thick in consistency. This is another home remedy for fighting acne. Apply the mixture to your entire face and allowit to stand until it is dry. Rinse your face with lukewarm water, and splash with cool water afterwards to close the pores. After you have rinsed your face you can apply an antibiotic cream depending on the type of skin you have.

Drink one glass of wheat juice each day to reduce your acne.

Soak lettuce leaves in water. After soaking the lettuce leaves for at least an hour, take the lettuce leaves out and use the water to rinse your face.

Each night before bedtime, apply fresh mint juice to your face and let it sit overnight.

You may experience many trial runs before you find the home remedy that is best for you. Keep trying and by all means, if your condition is seriously troubling you, seek the Hoadvice of your doctor.

Daily exercise and a diet low in fat should help reduce cellulite.

Massage the affected area with a body brush to help exfoliate and renew the skin.

Cellulite Home Remedies

Although cellulite is a skin problem that can affect every sex and every age group, women are affected most by the problem.  For women suffering from cellulite, it is unattractive.  The bulging, pitted dimpled and wrinkled skin on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and hips is just not desiring.  Aside from being unattractive, cellulite can cause a feeling of tightness, tenderness, and sagging.  The reason for women being mostly affected by cellulite is due to the female hormones Progesterone and Estrogen.

Other factors such as smoking, pregnancy, stress, lack of exercise, obesity and genetics also contribute to the condition. When cellulite does begin to occur, remedy it immediately to avoid severe cases.  There are many home remedies in which you can engage and among them are the following.

Cellulite Home Remedies:

Each morning drink an 8 ounce glass of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in.  To avoid the bitter taste, add a small amount of honey.

Add 3 parts apple cider vinegar to your favorite massage oil and gently knead the area.

Exercise.  Cellulite is fat and exercise will help to remedy the condition.  Even if you engage in a simple twenty minute walk each day, do it.

Eat a diet low in fat.Your diet should include plenty of fiber and wholegrain foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, bananas, pears,
and broccoli which will help to diminish and seize development of cellulite.  Recommended dosage is five servings of fruits and vegetables.

Eliminate alcohol, soda, coffee and tobacco from your diet.
Use a soft body brush and exfoliate and renew your skin.  Take a bath in two cups of sea salt and warm water.
Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes.

Reduce your intake of salt. Massage the affected area with coconut oil.

Aloe vera can help relieve itching due to eczema.

Aloe vera can help relieve itching due to eczema.

Eczema often is experienced in children below the age of five. However, for women, it is also often experienced after having given birth as their hands are constantly in water washing baby bottles. Eczema can inflict anyone of any age and although it is not life threatening or contagious, it is a skin disorder and troublesome. Symptoms include itching, redness of the skin, dry and flaky skin, inflammation, blisters, and / or small bumps.

For women who smoke or are constantly using detergents and solvents eczema may be aggravated. For smokers try to quit. This is not only a wise choice for your condition but a health smart choice for your body and mind. Weather conditions such as cold temperatures can also aggravate the condition. Wear gloves whenever going out- which can be quite stylish! Aside from these obvious eczema remedies, there are many eczema home remedies you may want to try to aid in your condition.

Eczema Home Remedies:

Combine one teaspoon camphor and one teaspoon sandalwood to make a paste and apply it on the infected area.
Apply a paste of nutmeg to the affected area.
Apply natural Vitamin E on the affected area.
Apply zinc to the affected area as well as taking it orally.
Wash the affected area with pine tar soap
Drink tomato juice each day.
Avoid or eliminate dairy products.
Take ginger capsules and drink ginger tea each day.
Apply honey to the affected area.
Apply Aloe Vera to the affected area.
Apply Shea Butter to the affected area.
Stop the consumption of alcohol.
It may be necessary to try a combination of remedies before you find one that works for your particular case. Not all women will react to the eczema home remedies the same, so it will be necessary to experiment.

You can help to prevent and eliminate forehead wrinkles naturally.

You can help to prevent and eliminate forehead wrinkles naturally.

Everyone gets wrinkles on their forehead.  Girls in their teens and early twenties have them.  They may not be obvious until one does a dramatic eyebrow raise, but they are there.  Forehead wrinkles do get more obvious as you get older.  If lately you find they are more noticeable, there are some natural ways to help eliminate and prevent them.

You don’t have to do botox  to temporarily eliminate all of your wrinkles.

You can choose to deal with them yoursel,f using some good old fashioned home remedies.

Here are a few ways to help you naturally prevent them and make them less visible.

1. Forehead Yoga – make a lion face and make a huge scowl, this will help to stretch your forehead downward

2. Keep your forehead moisturized

2. Apply sunscreen on a daily basis

3. Wear a hat with a brim

4. Be aware of facial expressions that cause you to raise your eyebrows and try to eliminate that action as much as possible

5. Try not to worry a lot

6. Don’t think about the lines on your forehead, everyone gets them

7. Smile–doesn’t matter whether you have wrinkles or not–no one is as beautiful without a smile

There are many natural remedies to help with the removal of warts.

There are many natural remedies to help with the removal of warts.

Home Remedies for Warts on the Hands and Feet Can Smooth the Skin

The hands and feet can easily be susceptible to warts. These bumpy spots are generally harmless but they are still annoying and bothersome spots to deal with. A number of home remedies for warts on the hands and feet can be used to help with keeping these warts from becoming too difficult for one to handle.

Duct Tape Can Treat Warts

Duct tape can be wrapped around an impacted area a few times and sealed off for a few days. After a couple of days the duct tape should be removed and the treated area should be left to air out. This can work to help with killing off any excess skin that was involved with the wart so that it will be easier to kill off the wart.

Vinegar is a Useful Tool

The affected area can also be soaked in vinegar. This can be done by first washing the impacted area and then soaking it in vinegar for a few minutes. It helps to use a treatment of vinegar once a day for a while so that the wart will be able to go away in just a couple of weeks.

Rub Onions on the Site

While rubbing onions on a wart sounds silly the truth is that onions that have been cut up can help to stimulate blood movements in an impacted area. This can cause the wart to go away over a period of time.

Apply Castor Oil to a Wart

Another option is to apply caster oil to an impacted area. Castor oil should be applied at night to the area and should be continued on a nightly basis until the wart is removed. This can take a while but it is a very effective approach to getting rid of a wart on one’s hand or foot.


This salve heals all sores, chaps, cuts, bruises, sore lips, chafed limbs, roughness, etc. It is invaluable as a healing ointment and may be applied to the tenderest skin without injury, and yet it will heal the most painful sores. Read more »

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are afflicted with wrinkles, it’s an excellent thing to give them some attention. Freckles are bothersome and provoking, and red noses make us as cross as black cats, but wrinkles!—they are the worst of all, for with them comes the sickening realization that the freshness of one’s complexion is beginning to fade, and that youth itself is slipping away.

Deal with your wrinkles before they are here to stay

Deal with your wrinkles before they are here to stay

It is before the lines really appear that they should be considered, for then they’re much more easily managed than when they—with their sisters and their cousins and their aunts, to say nothing of grandmas and babies—settle down for a nice long stay. Wrinkles are worse than boogie men, and “they’ll git you if yo’ don’t watch out!” Read more »

A parasol is a useful accessory to help preserve the complexion

A parasol is a useful accessory to help preserve the complexion

Tan, like borrowing friends, and various other afflictions, is awfully easy to get, but really more than passing difficult to remove. It is delightful to sit on a big boulder that dots a great, lovely, sandy waste and watch your hands gradually turn from their customary whiteness to a deep burnt orange. Read more »

Soaps and scrubbing should be used in moderation on our skin

Soaps and scrubbing should be used in moderation on our skin

As part of the perspiration deposited upon our skins is in the form of a delicate oil, and as this oil may become mixed with dirt, or dust, and form a mixture not readily soluble in water, it is at times advisable to add to the water something that will dissolve oil. Read more »