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The following means of repairing and restoring the sight, which has for some time been going the round of the press, being based on scientific principles, may be appropriately inserted here:

For nearsightedness, close the eyes and pass the fingers, very gently, several times across them outward, from the canthus, or corner next the nose, towards the temple. This tends slightly to flatten the corner and lens of the eye, and thus to lengthen or extend the angle of vision. The operation should be repeated several times a day, or at least always after making one’s toilet, until shortsightedness is nearly or completely removed.

For long sight, loss of sight by age, weak sight, and generally for all those defects which require the use of magnifying glasses, gently pass the finger, or napkin, from the outer angle or corner of the eyes inward, above and below the eyeball, towards the nose. This tends slightly to “round up” the eyes, and thus to preserve or to restore the sight. It should be done every time the eyes are washed, or oftener.

3 Responses to “Home Remedies for Restoring Sight”

  1. Herbal Remedies

    My eye sight is very week and i have to wear glasses due to this. I have taken so many medicines but there is no improvement in it. Can anybody suggest me some natural ways to get out of this problem?

    • Stephaniesaccount

      EYEBRIGHT, LUTIEN, BILLBERY, are all supplements to help restore vision. Eyebright actually restores the retina and i have personally seen it work on my dog and friends and am using it on my boyfriend niw who just had eye surgery

  2. shilajit

    Thanks for the impressive and good ways for restoring eyesight.. I will take concern of it and implement in the future for improve my eyesight…

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