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Eyebrows Home Remedies

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Natural, brushed eyebrows look well kept

Natural, brushed eyebrows look well kept


The eyebrows must be kept well brushed, and by persistent care can be pinched into graceful lines. A heavy eyebrow can be trained with really little effort. The brush should be small and rather stiff and firm. It will at once cleanse and invigorate.

I cannot approve of penciled eyebrows. A professional in the “make-up” art can touch the eyebrows here and there and bring a marvelous change. But for the ordinary amateur it is better left undone. Besides, if coloring is applied, it is only a short time before the hair will fall out. And then won’t you look pretty?

Eyebrows that meet over the nose are really very disfiguring, and the cure is so simple that there is no need of this blemish, providing, of course, that one can afford to take the necessary treatment.  Plucking is a temporary method for ridding yourself of this.   Electrolysis  is the only sure and certain cure, and two sittings will be sufficient to remove them for good and always. Be sure that you patronize only the best electrolysis operator, as you will surely regret it if you don’t.

Sage tea, with a few drops of alcohol added, will darken the eyebrows without injury. Coconut oil makes an excellent tonic to increase the growth.


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  2. guggul benefits

    Eyebrows enhance and illustrate the eye. So never neglect your
    eyebrows, for a person who has always taken care of their appearance,
    sudden lose of hair could be traumatic.

  3. Weave Hair Extensions

    I have
    thick eyebrows and I want to make them dark. I have tried lots of artificial beauty
    products but they will work only for a short time period and also some products
    have allergies on me. Now I can try Sage tea with few drops of alcohol. I think
    it might work. 

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