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Preparing Potatoes

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Potatoes are best mashed after steaming

Potatoes are best mashed after steaming

Scrub well and steam, either with or without peeling. If peeled, this
should be done very thinly, as the greater part of the valuable potash
salts lie just under the skin.


Moderate-sized potatoes take from 45 to 60 minutes. If peeled
before baking, cut in halves and put on a greased tin with a little
nut-fat or butter on each.

Cut into long chips and try in deep oil or fat. A frying-basket
and stew-pan are the most convenient utensils, but they take a great deal
of fat. A frying-pan and egg-slice will answer the same purpose for small

Success depends upon getting the fat the right temperature. It must be
remembered that fat and oil do not bubble when they boil. They bubble just
before boiling. As soon as they become quite still they boil. A very faint
blue smoke now arises. When the fat actually smokes, it is burning and

If the chips are put in wet, or before the fat boils, they will be sodden
and spoilt. A tiny piece of bread may be first put in to test. If this
“fizzles” well, the fat is ready.

When the chips are golden brown, lift them out with a slice and lay them
on paper to drain. Then put in vegetable dish and serve quickly. They are
spoilt if allowed to cool.


Old potatoes are best mashed after steaming. They should be well
beaten with a fork, and a little butter and milk, or nut-butter added.


Take cold steamed potatoes and cut into slices. Melt a small
piece of fat or butter in a pan, and, when hot, put in potatoes. Sprinkle
with chopped parsley. Shake over fire until brown.


Chop in small pieces. Melt a very little fat in a
pan. Put in potatoes, and as they get warm mash with a fork, and press
down hard on the pan. Do not stir. At the end of 20 minutes the under side
should be brown. Turn out in a roll and serve.


Mix cold mashed potatoes with any kind of cold green vegetable. Heat in a
frying-pan with a little butter or fat.


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