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Ancient Egyptian Hair

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Women’s roles have changed throughout the centuries. However, there is one thing in history that has stayed constant throughout history: women and their love for their hair. Women of Middle Eastern descent in particular gave their hair much consideration.

Ancient Egyptian Women's Hair

Ancient Egyptian Women's Hair

The ancient Egyptians and Assyrians, and other Eastern nations, bestowed on it the most elaborate attention. The ancient Jews, like their modern descendants, were noted for the luxuriance and richness of their hair and the care which they devoted to it. Glossy flowing black hair is represented to have been the glory of the ancient Jewess, and in her person to have exhibited charms of the most imposing character; whilst the chasteness of its arrangement was only equalled by its almost magic beauty. Nor was this luxuriance, and this attention to the hair, confined to the gentler sex, for among the pagan Orientals the hair and beards of the males were not less sedulously attended to.

Among the males of Judah and Israel, long flowing ringlets appear to have been regarded as highly desirable and attractive. The reputed beauty and the prodigious length and weight of the hair of Absalom, the son of David, as recorded in the sacred text, would be sufficient to startle the most enthusiastic modern dandy that cultivates the ornament of his person. Solomon the Wise, another son of David, conceived the beauty of hair sufficiently dignified to express figuratively the graces of the Church.

6 Responses to “Ancient Egyptian Hair”

  1. barbara

    jews? you are sick in your head too. they were africans. jews never wore traditional african braids with beads on the ends like african americans. jews are not as dark and darker than your average african. jews did NOT LOOK like this. they have done recent dna testing to prove this. a lead genetics dr broke this news at least 4 years ago. the history books are full of shit. egyptians were africans! look at the continent of africa, it makes more damn sense too. i always wondered why they had larger noses, larger lips, dark skin. lord forbid black people could have any noble blood lines. oh hell now. whitey don’t like that shit.

    • Ophelia

      i don't understand this comment. no one is saying that the picture above is of jewesses. or are they? is there another comment i missed? it's a picture of egyptian women included in a text about ancient women's hair.
      egyptians didn't wear anything in their hair….they shaved their heads and wore wigs. and egyptians still exist; they're the people who live in egypt.
      it's true that ancient egyptians are considered african because the country is located on the continent of africa but during that time the idea of “africa” did not exist. egypt was it's own kingdom and just as near the middle east and europe as it was to the congo or kenya. the kingdom of egypt consisted of a mix of blood including some from greece and nubia. modern day africa continues to have many different cultures and skin colors within it, from cafe au lait to glowing ebony.

  2. Fashionthicknes

    I agree with Barbara. Egyptians were africans, and the attempt to erase our history has failed..although tried but you can not erase the magnificence of our people!

  3. Serge

    What the hell are you people arguing about? Egyptians were not niggers, and people in all northern African countries have lighter skin.

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