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Dry Hair Home Remedies

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Dry hair can be quite bothersome for many women.

Dry hair can be quite bothersome for many women.

Helpful Dry Hair Treatment Remedies

Dry hair is bothersome for any woman to deal with. After all, it can be not only uncomfortable and unappealing but it can also cause split ends. A good number of dry hair treatment remedies that any woman can do in her own home can help to alleviate this problem.

Avoid Heat When Drying

It sounds like a simple idea but the truth is that heat can damage one’s scalp and can cause one’s hair to get weak. Using a gentle patting motion with a towel can help to keep from having one’s hair impacted by high heat conditions.

Mayonnaise Can Help

While using mayonnaise to treat dry hair sounds silly it can help to condition one’s hair effectively and without the use of chemicals that some conditioners have. A dollop of mayonnaise should be applied to one’s hair about five minutes before washing.

Beer Can Work Too

Using beer sounds even sillier than using mayonnaise but beer can be used as a good lotion. In fact it will not cause any bothersome odors in that the scent of the beer can easily go away after a few minutes. This can work to putting the beer into a pump bottle and then spraying it onto the hair after shampooing and drying it with a towel. It should be applied before styling the hair if one wishes to do that.

Be Sure to Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking a good amount of water each day can help to keep hair from getting too dry in that the water can get into one’s scalp and therefore cause hair particles to feel soft. It is a very easy treatment to use.

Remove All Split Ends

Trimming one’s hair every few weeks to remove split ends can help. It is tougher to get split ends to be moisturized than it is to get other strands of hair handled.

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