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Hair Loss Remedies

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Hair Loss Remedies

Many adults suffer from hair loss at an early age. Men are more prone to it, but women as well can suffer hair loss. There are a variety of cures for men, but for women, not so much. There are however, a few tips that you can take to help slow down hair loss, if not prevent it from happening. Many of the methods are simple changes to your daily activities.

Remedies for Hair Loss


One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent hair loss is to eat a well balanced diet. You need to be sure that you are getting enough protein, and you should get between three or more ounce sizes per day and can include fish or chicken. Getting the right amount of protein can help your cells make new hair when the old stuff falls out. Having a deficiency in iron can result in anemia which in turn causes hair loss. Taking a vitamin daily can also ensure that you are getting the right nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis which can pose many health benefits.

Shampooing Your Hair

When it comes to shampooing your hair, it’s important to be as gentle as you can. A lot of people think that by rubbing hard, this can help clean the hair. You should wash your hair as you would wash a baby’s hair. You should not wash your hair more than one time per day and when rubbing your scalp do it gently. Every three months you should switch to a different shampoo which can help prevent shedding. When you are done, allow your hair to dry naturally. Don’t use a hair dryer as it can cause your hair to get weak and break off. If you do need to use one, use it on the lowest setting possible.

Styling Your Hair

When it comes to styling your hair, you should always make sure that it is dry before it is styled. Combing through wet hair is not a good thing as it can stretch the hair and can also cause it to start to break over time. Teasing should not be done as this is one of the worst things to be done to your hair. This can lead to breaking and can eventually make your hair look less full and thin.

As far as hair loss goes, there really aren’t many natural methods that will help you to grow your hair again. There are nutrients as well as botanical things that will help your hair to become stronger, replenish nutrients that were lost and are adding to the hair loss issue, and can also help slow the process down. You should steer clear of any natural supplement that says it will give you a cure for growing new hair.

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