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Manicure Home Remedies

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 There is no excuse for jagged, uneven nails

There is no excuse for jagged, uneven nails.

There has been a great change in manicuring methods of late. The old steel implements of torture are banished, and the ivory instruments have long since taken their place. Steel should never be put to the fingers, except to use the scissors when the nails are too long, or to trim the skin in order to free it from hangnails.

The best operators no longer cut away the cuticle about the base of the nail, and the manicure who does that nowadays is not a student of the French method of manicuring, which supplanted every other some time ago. The same effect—and better, in fact—is got by simply pressing back the flesh with the end of an ivory or orange-wood instrument. The gouging and snipping, so irritating to a person of nerves, is thus avoided. However, if you only know how, you can manicure your nails at home and they will look every bit as well as if you trotted downtown and spent half a day and a nice big dollar.

Fill a china wash basin with a suds of warm water and castile soap. Soak the hands for five minutes. With an old soft linen towel push back the skin around the nails. If there are hangnails snip them away carefully. Cutting the cuticle at the base of the nail was a barbaric feature of a new science which disappeared when it became more rational and refined. Never, under any circumstances, must the inside of the nail be scraped with a sharp instrument.

Another thing to be avoided is the vulgar application of pink nail cosmetics. Who has not seen a pretty hand made hideous by nails all gummed up with red paste? Oh, yes, and claw-like nails! They, too, have been “called in,” now that progress, good sense and civilization go marching on at a two-step pace.

The nails should be trimmed the same shape as the finger tips, and left neither too long nor too short. There’s a happy medium that is easily discovered, because of its usefulness, its convenience, and its artistic beauty. A too-highly polished surface is also a vulgarity invented by the old-time manicure. A little powder rubbed briskly on the nail with a heavily padded polisher is a great improvement, but when the nails shine with door-knob brilliancy it’s high time to call a halt. As for jagged, uneven nails—there’s no excuse for them.

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  1. Natural Cure

    Wow!! Nice One
    Today every women want that she should have beautiful and shaped nail because they increase the beautification of our hands. For the good shape of our nail we can use many manicure home remedies with in our home.

  2. Triphala

    Vry well written on manicure home remdies.Take two tablespoons of oil and mix it with 3 tbs of sugar.Make a paste and gently rub them on to your
    hands. Wash off with warm water and dry thoroughly.

  3. Tinospora Cordifolia

    Taking care of the nails is a good thing to make your self clean….And doing this by means of herbs is the best thing to do.. Rubbing the vinegar on the nails is a good way to make your nails look beautiful…

  4. IR35 rules

    I really care about my nails because I believe from nails we can measure the person. I always try to keep them clean and maintain them. This would be a good article for everyone.

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