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Handwash and Cream Recipes

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Rubbing hands 3 times a day with special cream will help keep them soft

Rubbing hands 3 times a day with special cream will help keep them soft

To Make The Hands Soft

Take one quart of warm water, and in it soak one-half pound of oatmeal over night, then strain and add one tablespoonful of lemon juice and one teaspoonful each of olive oil, rose-water, cologne, glycerin and diluted ammonia. Rub into the skin three times a day.

Cosmetic Jelly

Take thirty grains of gum tragacanth, soak in seven ounces of rose-water for two days, strain through muslin and add one-half ounce each of glycerin and alcohol, previously mixed. This dries in a moment after application.

Glycerin Balsam

White wax, one-half ounce.
Spermaceti, one ounce.
Oil of sweet almonds, four and one-half ounces.
Glycerin, one and one-half ounces.
Oil of rose geranium, eight drops.

Melt the oils. Remove from fire and beat in the glycerin and perfume. Stir briskly until cold and white.

Creme Duchesse

Benzoinated mutton tallow, three ounces.
Oil of sweet almonds, one ounce.
Glycerin, two drams.
Rose-water, two drams.
Oil rose geranium, twenty drops.

Heat the tallow and oil of almonds in one vessel and the other three ingredients in another. Mix the two and stir until cold. On account of the mutton tallow, which might possibly cause a growth of superfluous hair, this cream is not desirable as a face cosmetic. The benzoinated mutton tallow can be made by taking one-half pound of the tallow and one-half ounce of the benzoin, and keeping at a high temperature until the alcohol has completely evaporated. Strain through muslin.

Almond Meal

Orris root in fine powder, four ounces.
Wheat flour, four ounces.
White castile soap, powdered, one ounce.
Powdered borax, one ounce.
Oil of bitter almonds, ten drops.
Oil of bergamot, one fluid dram.
Tincture of musk, one-half fluid dram.
Mix well and pass through a sieve.

To plumpen the hands

One-fourth ounce tincture of benzoin, eight ounces of rose-water, and four ounces of refined linseed oil. Rub in morning and night. This is equally nice for the neck and arms.

Hand Wash

Rose-water, three ounces.
Bay rum, 2 ounces.
Glycerin, one-half ounce.
Borax, one-half ounce.


Blanched bitter almonds, three and one-half ounces.
Powdered orris root, three-fourths ounce.
Powdered white castile soap, three-fourths ounce.
Glycerite of starch, one and three-fourths ounces.
Clarified honey, one ounce.
Oil of lavender flowers, one-half dram.
Oil of bergamot, one-half dram.
Oil of bitter almonds, four drops.

Beat the blanched almonds with a small quantity of water to a smooth paste, add the other ingredients, and mix intimately. A solution of cochineal will color it.

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  1. lrgilmore

    In your “To Make the Hands soft” recipe, you call for diluted ammonia.  Is this a standardized product that I could get at a drug store, or is it important to dilute the ammonia in a special ammonia-to-water ratio?

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