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Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

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Foods high in beta carotene, like spinach and berries help to improve the functioning of the lungs.

Foods high in beta carotene, like spinach and berries help to improve the functioning of the lungs.

Chest congestion can make it hard to cough or breathe. Some home remedies for chest congestion can be handled as a means of helping to keep chest congestion from getting too bad. There are a number of processes that can be handled here.

Use a Diet with Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is a mineral that is used to help with improving the functioning of the lungs in the body. Having a diet that features many fruits and vegetables that contain beta carotene is always a good thing to do. Among the foods that contain beta carotene include such options as spinach and berries.

A Diet with Vitamin C Also Helps

Having a diet that features plenty of Vitamin C can work to ease this condition. This is done by helping to make the immune system stronger so that mucus can be fought off with ease. This will reduce the effects of chest congestion over time.

Drink Plenty of Water

Increasing one’s water intake will be an important thing to do here. Water can work to get toxins in the body removed so that bacteria that can cause chest congestion can be removed.

Be Sure to Change Sleep Habits

Sometimes the way one sleeps can cause chest congestion. Sleeping with a high pillow can help. This will work to keep the body slightly elevated so that chest congestion can be prevented or alleviated. This works with helping to make sure that mucus in the chest can settle down and be able to be removed with ease.

Inhale Steam

Steam can work to help with improving the chest in that it can loosen up phlegm that can get into the chest. When this happens the materials can be coughed out with ease so that the chest will feel relaxed. Steam can come from a warm shower or from boiling water. Even a humidifier in one’s home can be used for this purpose.

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