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Home Remedies for Flu

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Home Remedies for the Flu

It always helps for any woman to be able to take care of the flu. After all, this condition can easily cause any woman to feel weak and down. However there are a few home flu remedies that can be very useful for any woman to check out.

Water Always Helps

Warm water is always a good thing to use for the flu. This comes from how warm water can ease the sinuses and help to keep headaches from occurring. Using a warm shower or applying a moist heat pack to one’s face can be a good thing to do here.

Getting plenty of liquids is also important. This is so that body can keep from feeling a fever that can accompany the flu.

Another thing to do is to mix some honey with hot water. A tablespoon of honey in a cup of hot water can help in that the honey will help to get mucus to flow properly. Post-nasal drip can easier be reduced thanks to this.

Home Flu Remedies from the Kitchen

One of the most unique home flu remedies involves using a saline solution that can be made in one’s home. This can be made by mixing a small part of a teaspoon of baking soda and salt into a glass of water. After this is made the user can squirt water into one’s nose through the use of a bulb syringe. The mucus in the nose will thin out as the solution is being drained out of one’s nose.

Warm chicken soup is always a good home remedy. This is one of the most popular home flu remedies in that chicken soup can be easy to prepare and can be delicious. This can work to help with stimulating the throat so that it will feel less scratchy. Adding garlic to the chicken soup can be helpful as well in that garlic is known to help relieve nasal congestion when inhaled.

Rest is Good for the Flu

Of course getting plenty of sleep is always a good thing to do. Sleep is one of the better home flu remedies to use in that sleeping it off can help to get tissues to be restored because the body will not be very active. This is especially the case when one is in the deepest stages of sleep.

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