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Remedies For The Liver

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    Th blackberry root is one of various that can help heal the liver

    Th blackberry root is one of various roots that can help heal the liver

    Do you have—

  • A frequent headache over the eyes?
  • A susceptibility to chills and fever?
  • A bitter or oily taste in the mouth?
  • A sour stomach?
  • A complexion inclined to be yellow?
  • A great depression of spirits without known cause?
  • Specks before the eyes, and flushed face?
  • A done out, tired feeling?

Besides many other symptoms too numerous to mention? If you have you may be affected in your liver and kidneys, and should do something for it.

The following preparation, “Magic Kidney and Liver Restorer,” acts on these organs and, when diseased or out of order, restores them to a healthy state. Everyone should keep a bottle of this preparation in the house, as it is an invaluable medicine. Splendid to take in the spring to tone up the system:

  • Two ounces of alcohol
  • One and a half ounces of glycerine
  • One ounce of liverwort
  • Three hundred and twenty grains of saltpetre
  • Forty drops of wintergreen.

Steep the liverwort in a quart of water down to half the quantity, then throw in the other ingredients while hot.

Dose: One tablespoonful about four times a day.

  • One ounce mandrake root;
  • One ounce gentian root;
  • One ounce dandelion root;
  • One ounce buchu leaf;
  • One ounce sarsaparilla leaf;
  • One ounce blackberry leaf;
  • One ounce hops.

Infuse in cold water, three quarts, two or three days. Add a pint ofwhisky, and bottle.

Dose: A teaspoonful three times a day.


Take equal parts, say of each half an ounce, of finely powdered blue flag root, bloodroot, May apple root, golden seal root, and bitterroot. Mix all together and pass through a fine sieve. Dose: As an alterative and to act on the liver and secretions, from two to five grains two or three times a day.

4 Responses to “Remedies For The Liver”

  1. Natural Remedies

    I am very surprised to know about that the blackberry root is one of the most important home remedy treatment that to help heal the liver. Thanks for providing us such a wonderful information.

  2. flaxseed oil vs fish oil

    A fish oil soft gel,
    otherwise known as fish oil capsule, consists of an estimated 1 gram of natural
    fish oil. It is considered more advantageous than eating food rich in omega 3,
    since the soft gels can provide adequate omega 3 in a day.

  3. liver enlargement remedies

    Liver prevent the various diseases and helps in maintaining the digestive system. It's better to use natural supplements for liver problem. There is no side-effects of these natural supplement. If anyone is facing the problem of liver enlargement then i suggest to take Organic Cheese and Yogurt in diet. homeremediesfinder suggest to avoid smoking and alcohol for keeping the liver healthy.

  4. Eric Benjamin

    Wonderful tips, it is necessary for us to keep our liver in perfect condition, do whatever you can to stay away from alcohol, smoking and food that contain fats.

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