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Remedies for Feeling Sad

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If you have a jolly, bright face you will look pretty

If you have a jolly, bright face you will look pretty

One of the first things to remember in the cultivation of beauty is expression. Who doesn’t enjoy looking upon the young girl, with a bright, cheerful face, laughing eyes and all that? Everybody!

And when the grumpy lady or the whiney lady or the lady of woes trots in and sullies your near landscape, how do you feel? Just about as cheery as if she’d come to ask you to attend a funeral!

It doesn’t matter if you have got a freckle or two, or if your nose does tilt up just a little too much, if you have a jolly, bright face people will call you pretty. You can count on that every time.

Good nature is a splendid beautifier. It brightens the eyes, discourages approaching wrinkles, and brings the apple blossom tints into your cheeks.

Another thing to remember is this:

Keep the mind active. There’s nothing that will make a stolid, bovine face like a brain that isn’t made to get up and hustle. Don’t sit around and read about or spend your timeĀ  reading about gossip, or gossiping with the woman next door.

Don’t forget that life is short and there’s not a moment to waste.

Don’t stay cooped up in the house. Go out every day, if it’s only to the corner market, and if you have to wade through snowdrifts. In short, be up and doing. Don’t dwell on past griefs or griefs that have not yet arrived. Study is mental development, and mental development usually means a bright, pleasing expression.

One response to “Remedies for Feeling Sad”

  1. Jenna Schrock

    Well said! Your facial expression is a deciding factor on your current mood. So, to keep positive, always flash those pearly whites! That's not even saying the good effects it does to your skin, and how you will look in the long run!

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