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Anxiety Home Remedies

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The aroma of an orange can help to relieve anxious feelings.

The aroma of an orange can be very soothing for helping to relieve anxious feelings.

Almost everyone suffers from anxiety at some point in their life, and for that reason, they are often seeking a solution to remedy and eliminate the condition.

What Causes Anxiety?

The biggest cause of anxiety is stress, but for a woman there are many other factors that can contribute to anxiety. Taking care of the kids, the home and a full time job can be very stressful and a lot to deal with.  Other things that may be causing anxiety can include:

Diet Pills
Heart Disorders
Premenstrual Syndrome

Home Remedy Treatments for Anxiety

While anxiety to some women can feel like a never ending battle, there are some home remedies to try to help eliminate it or at least get it under control better and can help relax your body.

Remedies in Your Cupboard


Soak 10 almonds over night in water until the skin is soft and then peel it off. In a blender, add the almonds with 1 cup of warm milk, pinch of ginger, and nutmeg. Mix together and drink at night.

Baking Soda

In a bath, add 1/3 cup ginger and 1/3 cup baking soda. Relax for 15 minutes in the tub to get rid of tension and anxiety.


You can warm sunflower oil, sesame, corn oil, or coconut oil just enough to be hot, but not too hot. Heat 6 ounces and massage over entire body either in the morning or at night to help relieve tension.

Remedies from the Refrigerator


Eat 2 cups of onion, celery or both, cooked or raw with each one of your meals for about a week or longer. The both of them contain two key ingredients, folic acid and potassium, that are deficiencies that can cause nervousness.


An orange’s aroma can be very soothing as well as relaxing and is known to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety. The peel can be set in a potpourri burner, and when heated will release a soothing fragrance that will help to relax you.

Orange Juice

By stirring in 1 teaspoon of honey as well as a pinch of nutmeg with a glass of juice can help slow down a racing heart that can be caused by stress and anxiety.

Remedies from the Spice Rack

Rosemary. This spice was often used in olden times to ward “evil spirits” away, and it can also serve as a great remedy to help you, as a woman, get rid of some of that stress and anxiety. Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of rosemary to about a cup of boiling water and drink. The fragrance can be soothing and you can also take a sprig and burn it as incense.

Things to Remember

Keep a daily diary. Keep track of what may have caused you anxiety and try to eliminate things one at a time. Keep track of foods you may have eaten, as some things may have caused your anxiety.

Get some exercise that can include biking, walking, and even swimming. These are good for you anyways and can now help relieve anxiety.

You can also try to pray, meditate, or even indulge in some fantasy. It’s good to give your mind a break from reality.

Take some deep breaths slowly. This can help relax you when you are starting to feel anxiety.

Call family or friends. You can even call a therapist. It can help to talk to someone. You may feel more relaxed.
Make a list of any kind. Whether it is a grocery list or a list of chores to do. This can take your mind off of your anxiety for a little bit.

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