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Depression Home Remedies

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A diet that is rich in selenium is another thing that can curb depression in women.

A diet that is rich in selenium is another thing that can curb depression in women.

Herbs for Tea, Yoga and Other Valuable Remedies for Depression in Women

Depression is a difficult condition for women to deal with. However there are many home remedies for depression that can be used to help with easing this common problem.

Many Herbs for Tea are Useful

There are all sorts of herbs for depression that can work as useful home remedies for depression. This comes from how these herbs for tea can work to reduce feelings of stress that can cause depression.
Herbs for depression can be prepared in a variety of different ways. For instance, tea can be prepared with half a teaspoon of sage and a quarter teaspoon of tulsi. Another option is to brew tea with two green cardamom seeds ground into the tea. A quarter teaspoon of holy basil can also work as one of the best herbs for tea.

A Good Diet Can Also Work

Another thing about depression in women is that a diet can cause depression. A lack of vitamins, particularly B vitamins, can cause depression due to a lack of regulation of proper brain chemicals. Therefore having a good diet can help to prevent depression in women. Consuming orange juice each day and other juices that continue B vitamins can help. Folic acid, which is a B vitamin that regulates serotonin in the brain, can also help. Vegetables can feature this B vitamin that can prevent depression in women.

Selenium is an Important Thing to Use

A diet that is rich in selenium is another thing that can curb depression in women. Selenium is known to help to reducing depression and anxiety according to a variety of different medical studies over the years. Foods that contain selenium can be very useful as a result. Among the foods to check out include tuna, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts and even oysters.

Relax With Yoga

Yoga is a great type of activity that women can enjoy. It can also work to help with preventing depression from occurring in that yoga can help to release endorphins in one’s brain. Endorphins are used to block pains that can cause depression in women. Yoga can be enjoyed in one’s home or at a gym.

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  1. natural health

    my daughter who is thirteen is a really good kid. but we recetnly moved back to cali and she is showing signs of drespression, which runs in the family. i have it, (mom). and her dad has it… so its in her blood line. i dont want to put her on med's right now, so is it okay to give her the herbs you listed above??

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