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Headaches Home Remedies

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Rubbing fingers gently along scalp should help with headache relief

Rubbing fingers gently along scalp should help with headache relief

Popular Headache Home Remedies to Treat This Common Problem

Headaches are incredibly bothersome and can happen at any time. While it is true that medicines can be used to treat headaches those medicines can create harmful side effects and in some cases drug interactions. With this in mind it helps to take a look at some headache home remedies that can be easy to handle.

Use Ice to the Head

Ice is a useful material to use on one’s head in that ice can be used to dull the pain of a headache so that it can go away easily. To do this an ice pack should be wrapped up in a towel and placed atop one’s forehead at the first sign of headache pain. Doing this as soon as pains occur can be more effective than doing it in the middle of a headache.

Massage the Scalp

A scalp massage can work to keep the tension of a headache from getting worse. This massage can work by rubbing one’s fingertips gently along the scalp. This motion should be similar to what one would use when washing one’s hair.

Heat the Neck

The neck can be a factor in headaches because of how restricted movements in the area can cause the neck to feel stiff and therefore cause pains by reducing blood flow to the brain. Applying heat to the neck can help to take care of this problem in that the neck will feel relaxed so that blood can get to the brain. A heating pad that is covered in a towel can always help here.

Rest is a Helpful Option

Sometimes resting is a good thing to do with regards to treating headaches. This comes from how rest can work to help with keeping movements that can make headaches worse from occurring. In addition to this resting can help to get the user to avoid lights and sounds that one can be highly sensitive to when having a headache.

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