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Dry Sockets Home Remedies

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Home Remedies for Dry Socket

A dry socket can be a painful thing to experience after a wisdom tooth is extracted. It can impact one’s mouth and the way one operates one’s mouth for a while. Some home remedies for dry socket can be used to help with keeping this problem from becoming too serious.

Use Water and Salt

Inserting a mixture of water and salt into the dry socket can help. This can help to flush out particles that can get into the socket and cause the pains to come from it. In order to get this to work the user will need to use a syringe to get the water and salt mixture into the socket.

Be Sure to Drink Water

Water can work to keep the wisdom tooth area hydrated so that pains can be relieved and also so bacteria can keep from developing in the area. However it will help to be sure that the water is not being handled through a straw or something else that might cause an act of suction to occur.

Ice the Jaw Area

Applying ice to the jaw near the wisdom tooth dry socket can help. This is one of the most helpful home remedies for dry socket in that it can dull the pain as well as help to make sure that the swelling in the area can be relieved. When the swelling stops the pain can stop.

Apply Clove Oil

Clove oil, a natural material, can be applied to the dry socket. This can be done by either inserted it into the socket with a syringe or through dabbing it onto a cotton ball. No matter what option is used this can help to keep inflammation from occurring.

Avoid Tobacco

If one chews tobacco it will be best to avoid chewing tobacco while treating a dry socket. In fact it is best to quit chewing tobacco so that a future dry socket occurrence can be prevented.

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