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Fresh Breath

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There is nothing more disagreeable to people with whom we associate than for them to be able to detect a bad odor from our breath when in their company. Yet a great many are afflicted in this way. Read ahead to help you figure out how to eliminate offensive mouth odors.

To Cure Foul Breath When bad breath is occasioned by teeth, or any local cause, use a gargle consisting of a spoonful of solution of chloride of lime in half a tumbler of water.

To Remove Offensive Breath For this purpose, almost the only substance that should be admitted to the toilet is the concentrated solution of chloride of soda. From six to ten drops of it in a wineglassful of spring water, taken immediately after the operations of the toilet are completed.

In some cases, the odor arising from caries is combined with that of the stomach. If the mouth be well rinsed with a teaspoonful of the solution of the chloride in a tumbler of water, the bad odor of the teeth will be removed.

The following will also help to purify and sweeten the breath:

Chlorate of lime, seven drams; vanilla sugar, three drams; gumeratic, five drams. Mix well with warm water to a stiff paste, and cut into lozenges. Take a lozenge occasionally.

Mouth Pastilles for Perfuming the Breath

First:  Extract of liquorice, three ounces; oil of cloves, one and a half drams; oil of cinnamon, fifteen drops. Mix, and divide into one-grain pills.

Second:  Catechu, seven drams; orris powder, forty grains; sugar, three ounces; oil of rosemary (or of cloves, peppermint, or cinnamon), four drops. Mix, and roll flat on oiled marble slab, and cut into very small tablets.

2 Responses to “Fresh Breath”

  1. Suzanne Steven

    Flossing might work as well. The bad breath might be caused by food stuck in between your teeth. What's worse is, since it's stuck, it will soon rot and worsen the smell of your breath! Not a very pretty picture at all. Brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist can really help your teeth, and your breath. All those home remedies can be good additions too.

  2. Hangover cure

     If you get up early in the morning and get fresh breath that is the solution of your health. In the world thousand people hunt of health problem reason is that avoid from exercise and woke up late time in the morning.

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