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This past weekend I attended the 3 day music festival in Chicago’s Grant Park called “Lollapalooza”. It was hot and crowded as Calcutta in May, but one of the most memorable times of my life. The music stays with me still, in my mind, body and soul. I close my eyes and hear the music play in the sunshine and rain.

In 1994, I had been to “Lollapalooza” in Molson Park, Canada. It was very amusing back then in my youthful haze. I remember my companions and I at the time taking in the nature and frolicking aside the bullrushes while listening to the “Smashing Pumpkins” float in the air.

This time around, my seasoned self, enjoyed the experience to a different degree of sheer, natural inner bliss.

Fifteen years later, I felt like a child, running from show to show. Exploring Grant Park’s grounds by foot, while hearing the music change with the landscape. The boats sailing on Lake Michigan floated to the sounds of “Gang Gang Dance’s” experimental electronic sounds. The wind blew through my hair as “Friendly Fires” made musical harmony. The clouds in the sky rolled by like dancing sheep while “Ben Harper and the Relentless 7” rock and rolled. The night sky cooled us to the tunes of “Jane’s Addiction”.

I was there with a group of friends and watched many of the concerts with them. It was great sharing both innovative and sentimental shots of music together. Seeing people dance and enjoying the music added to my joy.

Sometimes I would take off on my own for a little solo music adventure. It was somewhat intriguing being off on my own, among the crowds of dancing people. Never was there an intimidating moment

The excitement never wore off for me the whole weekend. I danced whenever I could. It was hot and sticky but the music played and so did I. I felt like a child in a giant playground of music. It brought out the part of me that can get lost amongst the hustle and bustle and sometimes monotonies of living.

Music is so therapeutic. And it doesn’t just have to be at a music festival. You can enjoy music in many ways. It can be as easy as tuning into the song that moves you on the radio or on your I-Pod. Or sometimes you may pass a musician on the subway or street. If you do get the opportunity, and you are intrigued by the sounds, take five and listen. Let your fingers drum and toes tap. Let go and allow your head to sway to the song. It will likely tap into your soul for the rest of your day.

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