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Allergies Home Remedies

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Pollen, pet dander, dust and mold are all culprits of allergies.

Pollen, pet dander, dust and mold are all culprits of allergies.

As women we tend to pride ourselves on being composed. And, for those of us that suffer from allergies, composer is sometimes out of site, with the uncontrolled sneezing,running eyes, and lungs that may burn and wheeze.

There are basically three categories that allergies fall under: food allergies, inhalant allergies or contact allergies. The four main culprits of allergies are pollen, pet dander, dust and mold. Allergies are miserable for any woman, and a remedy is definitely a must. If you are a sufferer, consider the following home remedies to help relieve your symptoms.

For allergies caused by pollen, dust mites, and molds, air-condition your home. This is very effective in alleviating the problems of the pollen, molds and dust mites, as the air-conditioner keeps humidity low discouraging the mites and molds. Also, when in your automobile, don’t roll the windows down, but use the air-conditioning.

Install an air cleaner in your home. This should be one that adapts to your air-conditioning or heater unit.

Purchase a dehumidifier. This will keep the air in your home clean and relieve the effects of the pollens, molds, and pet dander.

Use fungicides to wipe down humid areas. Clorox is an inexpensive choice and an excellent in killing mold. Mix a solution of 3/4 cups Clorox bleach per gallon of water.

Wash the floors, woodwork, vinyl, and appliances and let stand for five minutes before rinsing.

Consider finding your pets a new home. This may be one of the most difficult remedies of all. However, if you are allergic to the pet, life can become miserable.

If dust mites are a problem, seal your bedding in plastic.

Get rid of you carpet and replace the carpet with a hardwood or linoleum. Carpets are a perfect home for molds and dust mites.

Buy synthetic pillows. With synthetic pillows you are able to wash them in hot water and keep them free of mites. Also, wash your mattress pads and sheets often in hot water.

With a few simple adjustments, you will be remedying the situation.

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