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Colds Home Remedies

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At some point in our life, we have all suffered from the common cold. The cold is considered to be a viral infection, and can mainly be felt when the temperatures and season change. There are many types of the common cold and it can also be experience in the summer time as well.

Blow your nose often when you have a cold.

Blow your nose often when you have a cold.

The common cold can affect children and adults. For women it can be especially hard to deal with if you have kids. Being sick while handling the kids and caring for the home is not only hard to handle, but a strain.

The cold can be cured in a number of ways, many of which are natural. For those women looking for home remedies in which to cure the cold, then the following will be of interest.

Blow Your Nose Often

An important thing that most people don’t realize is to blow your nose. You should try to not suck the mucus back onto your nose as this will not help you get better. When you do blow your nose, a good trick to try is to cover one of your nostrils and blow gently through the other one. Also, remember to wash your hands to prevent the spread of the cold.


Gargling with warm salt water can bring temporary relief to an itchy or sore throat. Using an astringent that contains tannin in it can also help. This will tighten the membranes back up. Honey mixed with lemon juice and raspberry leaves that have been made into a tea can also relieve sore throats.

Get Adequate Rest

Rest is always an important measure when you are sick. For those women who are stay at home moms, this may be a bit easier than for those of you who work. You can nap when your child does and leave the chores for later.

Drink Hot Liquids

Hot drinks will help to clear up stuffed nasal passages. This can help you stay hydrated and can comfort swollen membranes.

Steamy Showers

Steam can bring moisture to a stuffy nose and relieve some congestion. If you are too weak to stand in the shower, you can sit in a chair on the bathroom. Women may also like to sit in a warm bath.

Use a Salve

Using a little bit of menthol under your nose can also relieve congestion. This can bring relief to your nose if it has been rubbed raw.

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