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Tinnitus Home Remedies

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Tinnitus Home Remedies

Tinnitus is not a disease; it is a disorder that causes ringing in the ears and is quite bothersome. Women especially can be particularly troubled by the disorder and for those that

experience the condition; there are many tinnitus home remedies that one can practice. Because tinnitus may be a sign of hearing loss, ear infections, a head injury or an

underlying disease, it is important to speak with your doctor concerning you condition. For many, it may be a condition that comes and goes depending on their particular activity.

If you are listening to loud music or working around loud equipment, it may be experienced. There are many home remedies and although some may be quite obvious, others are

a bit more detailed.

Tinnitus Home Remedies:

Keep the volume low around you. This is especially important for tinnitus suffers not just women that are concerned about their hearing health. Don’t listen to loud music or loud television. If you are a woman that does the yard work, then wear ear protection when mowing the lawn. Simple steps like these will help to prevent the disorder.

This is a particularly interesting remedy for tinnitus. For those that suffer from the disorder at night, when going to bed, turn your radio station to a low volume. Play with the

knob that normally tunes in the radio station and detune it, so that you hear static. Place the radio next to your bed and the low volume of static will mask the sounds in which

you are experiencing in your ears and help you to fall asleep.

Many women report that they are not able to hear their tinnitus while they are in the shower. For those that this is the case then make a tape of the sounds of the shower and

listen to it through headphones on a low volume.

Always avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Caffeine should also be restricted from your diet. Do not take aspirin.

Breathe. Breathing is extremely important to relieve distress. Breathe slowly taking deep breaths to help with the tension of the condition.

While many of these are not curatives, they are helping many women to reduce the disorder and to relieve the tension that comes with it.

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