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Acne Home Remedies

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While beauty may come from within, there are many factors that contribute to the outer beauty of the woman. And, when the skin of a woman is affected, it may not only cause physical scars, but emotional scars as well. Acne, although most often experienced by teenagers, is something that affects women as well, and can have a scaring affect.

Acne is a disorder that is caused by plugged pores, and results in outbreaks known as cysts or pimples. Acne can be experienced over the body, in areas such as the neck, facearms, chest and back. It is not life-threatening but is upsetting for the woman who suffers from it. And, permanent scars may occur.

Causes of Acne

While most women do not like to see themselves as indulging on chocolate or sugars, this is thought to be one of the main culprits of acne, and could be the cause of youroutbreaks. There are many different reasons that acne occurs, and among the highest are wrong eating habits including fatty foods, junk foods, late night snacking or too much starch.

Constipation is another cause of acne. This is because when the bowels are not regular, then waste is not eliminated from your body and your bloodstream then becomesfull of toxic matter. The skin works overtime to try to get rid of the waste materials and this causes acne and other skin diseases as well.

Many women prefer seeking home remedies as a solution- they are effective and they come from the cupboard. The following home remedies for acne are remedies that are known to be effective.

Home Remedies:

Create a pouch of a teabag, with 50 mg of strawberry or blackberry leaves and boil it in 1.5 liters of water for about three minutes. Once you have boiled the bag, let it cool and then apply it to the skin. The treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and itch free and is a very effective means in reducing acne.

Mix oatmeal with a fat free yogurt to form a paste that is thick in consistency. This is another home remedy for fighting acne. Apply the mixture to your entire face and allowit to stand until it is dry. Rinse your face with lukewarm water, and splash with cool water afterwards to close the pores. After you have rinsed your face you can apply an antibiotic cream depending on the type of skin you have.

Drink one glass of wheat juice each day to reduce your acne.

Soak lettuce leaves in water. After soaking the lettuce leaves for at least an hour, take the lettuce leaves out and use the water to rinse your face.

Each night before bedtime, apply fresh mint juice to your face and let it sit overnight.

You may experience many trial runs before you find the home remedy that is best for you. Keep trying and by all means, if your condition is seriously troubling you, seek the Hoadvice of your doctor.

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