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Makeup Minerals Remedies

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Main ingredients should be sifted over and over to make for a fine face powder

Main ingredients should be sifted over and over to make for a fine face powder

Whenever women fail for congenial topics of dispute they can always fall back on the old topic of the best face-powder.

“I have used that delightful velvety ‘Blush Rose’ for years and years,” says Mrs. Lovely, “and I think it is simply fine.”

“Blush Rose?” shrieks Mrs. Pretty. “Why, I wouldn’t use that for a-an-any-thing! My husband’s brother-in-law, who worked in a drug store, once told me that ‘Blush Rose’ had lead and bismuth and ever so many other dreadful, awful things in it. Now, I dote on ‘Velvety Carnation.’ I know that that is perfectly pure.

“‘Velvety Carnation!'” repeats Mrs. Lovely. “You poor child. I don’t wonder that you have such a time with your skin—” And so on until both charming disputants march airily away, each deciding that the other will soon be in her grave if such foolishness in the choice of a face powder is continued.

The formula for face powder which I am about to give is not only  harmless, but of exceptional medicinal qualities. Boracic acid can help irritated skin, so the girl with facial eruptions can feel perfectly safe in using this powder. Oxide of zinc, in the quantity given, can do no possible injury; many of the manufactured preparations being made almost entirely of this ingredient.

Poudre des Fees (Fairy Powder)

1 ounce Lubin’s rice powder
3 ounces best, purest oxide of zinc
½ ounce carbonate of magnesia, finely powdered
20 grains boracic acid
2 drops attar of rose

When purchasing your ingredients ask the druggist to powder each separately in a mortar. First put your rice powder through a fine sieve, and then through bolting cloth.

Do the same thing with the oxide of zinc, the magnesia and the boracic acid before adding them to the rice powder. When all are combined put twice through bolting cloth.

After each sifting throw away any tiny particles that remain. It is very necessary that all the ingredients be made fine and soft and fluffy.

Add the oil of rose last. By putting in the tiniest suggestion of finely powdered carmine you can get the cream powder, and by putting in still more you will have the rose or pink tint.

While blonds, with clear, perfect skins, can use either the white or the pink very nicely, cream is the more acceptable color for brunettes.

Consuelo Powder

5 ounces of talcum.
5 ounces of rice flour
2½ ounces of the best zinc oxide
2 drops each of oils of bergamot, ylang-ylang and neroli

The three main ingredients should be sifted over and over again, and if flesh color is desired, a little carmine must be added, the sifting continuing. Then add the perfumes and sift again, so as to avoid any lumps.

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