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Dry Skin Home Remedies

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Rose water is an essential ingredient in many face creams

The best times one can benefit from lotions and creams is after a bath.

When it comes to dry skin, there are many things that a woman can do to relieve it. There are many new remedies that you can do from home that can relieve your dry skin and give you that smooth silky feel you have always wanted.

When women have dry skin, it may look scaly and extremely rough. It can be on any part of the body, but most women get it the worst on their feet, legs, and arms.

If you suffer from dry, itchy patches, try not to scratch as continued scratching can eventually lead to it bleeding and can even cause infection.

Try these home remedies to get the relief you need:

Milk it Down


If you suffer from dry itchy skin, simply pour milk into a large bowl or basin. Soak a cloth of some sort in the milk and set it on the affected area for about five minutes.

Milk contains anti inflammatory ingredients that can relieve the itch and can stop you from constant scratching.

Grease Up a Little


Using a lotion or moisturizer that is creamy and thick can relieve some of the itch. Lotions that are more watery won’t really do much for you. The most recommended one is petroleum jelly. If it is a bit too think for you, you can warm it up in your hands as it will make it easier to spread over the area.

Moisturize While You Are Damp


The best time you can benefit from applying lotions and creams is after a nice bath or shower. The lotion will help to lock in the moisture.

Use an Overnight Cure


This method can help your skin to feel less dry when you wake up. Take a warm bath and when you are about to shrivel up, your skin will be fully moisturized. Make sure you just pat your skin dry and then apply a thin layer of an oil, such as Crisco. This works well because it is thick and will help lock in moisture. Put your pajamas on and go to bed.

It can get a bit on the messy side, so you should wear pajamas that are a little older and use an old sheet set.

Seal and Grease Super Dry Areas


Some of the areas that suffer the most seem to be the hands, heels and the elbows. You can use grease to help treat these areas and to lock in the moisture. You can wear gloves over your hands that are greased up at night, or socks over your feet.


Dry Skin Home Remedies

4 Responses to “Dry Skin Home Remedies”

  1. Charles Roland

    There are various products in the market for caring the skin. However, sometime we cannot afford the cost of them, and all those products contain chemical, which are injuries for skin. So its better to use home remedies for dry skin or other skin problem. You suggestion to use natural remedies for whitening the skin is really useful for the ladies who are suffering with dry skin problem. I have found from homeremediesfinder that vitamins are very essential for skin. Suggest me the best natural products/herbs for skin that are rich in vitamins!
    Home Remedies for Dry Skin

  2. home remedies for acne

    Dry skin really looks very scaly and rough…The dry patches makes the skin more unattractive..From mu opinion milk is the best home remedy for its cure as it has anti inflammatory ingredients which helps to make skin glowing and soothing..

  3. Stephanie Popper

    Such kind of remedies are safer than using various products available today in the market, many of them can burn your skin if you don't know which one to use for your skin type.

  4. Travis

    This is a good post for men as well. I am suffering from dry itchy skin so this would help. Thanks for the post.

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