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Home Remedies for Wrinkles

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Achieve a natural freshness and brilliance for your lovely face

Achieve a natural freshness and brilliance to the face

Here are some recipes for a pomade, lotions and wash that will help preserve the fresh look of your face.  They also may help to remove wrinkles if you have any.

Pomade d’Hebe

This pomade is used for the removal of wrinkles. To make: Melt white wax, one ounce, to gentle heat; add juice of lily bulbs, two ounces; add honey, two ounces; rose-water, two drams; and otto of roses, a drop or two. Use twice a day.

Lotion for Wrinkles

Beautifies the face, preserves the freshness of youth, and gives a beautiful brilliancy to the skin. Take the second water of barley, one pint, and strain through a piece of fine linen; add a dozen drops of the balm of Mecca; shake it well together until the balm is thoroughly incorporated with the water, which will be effected when the water assumes a whitish or turgid appearance. Before applying, wash the face with soft water. If used once a day, this lotion will beautify the face, remove wrinkles, preserve the freshness of youth, and give a surprising brilliancy to the skin.

Wash for Wrinkles

Take two ounces of the juice of onions, two ounces of the white lily, two ounces of Norboune honey, and one ounce of white wax; put the whole into a new earthen pipkin until the wax is melted, then take the pipkin (crock) off the fire, and continue stirring briskly until the mixture grows cold. This should be applied on going to bed and allowed to remain on till the morning.

To Remove Wrinkles

To one fluid ounce of tincture of gum benzoin add seven fluid ounces of distilled rose-water and one-half ounce of glycerine. Bathe face, neck, and hands with it at night, letting it dry on. Wash off in the morning with a very little pure white castile soap and soft water. This is a famous cosmetic, and has been sold under various names. It is an excellent remedy for tan, freckles, and sunburn also.

11 Responses to “Home Remedies for Wrinkles”

  1. Sasha

    Great home made recipes. However as a busy woman, I don't always have the time to make them myself. So to save time and money, I went for an anti wrinkle cream that has all natural ingredients, so I'm rest assured that it's safe for my sensitive skin.

  2. samezoobi

    I tried to change my diet, took a very dark colored vegetables such as beetroot and tomatoes as these would be good for wrinkles and also drank a lot of water.

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  3. Janice

    Including fruits and vegetables to your diet would be very useful in achieving a beautiful skin that's why in choosing an anti wrinkle cream check the substance they are using in the product.

  4. Allie Yaeger

    Ooh, the lotion sounds nice, and having a wrinkle remover seems pretty useful once you hit your thirties. Of course, combined with a good diet, regular beauty treatments like this can help in taking care of your skin. Some surgery can also do wonders in making you look young for a long time. Nothing lasts forever, and we will all grow old in the end. But the best part of life is appreciating real beauty, inside and out!

  5. Sean

    This tips work as I have tested them.

  6. Toronto laser skin

    The laser skin treatment is also a very effective method for wrinkle removal. It can make you look younger by several years. Moreover, this procedure is very safe when it is performed by a skilled and professional doctor.

  7. Natox

    Facial Exercises is just about the worst possible method to actually prevent lines and wrinkles.With number of anti wrinkle stuffs coming in the market industry it is sometimes complicated to decide which one to pick. A lot is claimed about anti-wrinkle products as to whether they can be effective.

  8. kaitlyn

    Everyone loves to look fresh & younger. You have shared
    really great tips with us. Most of peoples are looking these types of tips.
    Keep it up.

  9. Preston 

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  11. david smith

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