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Natural Wrinkles Lotion

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Turkish lotion is an old fashioned remedy toward youthful skin

Turkish lotion is an old fashioned remedy toward youthful skin

Turkish Lotion is a homemade cream that helps cure freckles, pimples, blackheads, moles and superfluous hair, tan, greasy skin, blotches, redness, sore or chapped lips, chapped and red, rough hands; and, best of all, eradicates and prevents wrinkles, crow’s-feet, and sallowness.  Turkish Lotion creates a perfect complexion.   It is an old fashioned discovery for beautifying the skin, that gives  a middle aged woman the fresh, bright complexion of a  girl. No more wrinkles, crow’s-feet or sallowness.  Read on for a recipe for Turkish lotion.

Recipe for Turkish Lotion: To one fluid ounce of tincture of gum benzoin add seven fluid ounces of distilled rose-water and one-half ounce of glycerine.

Directions for use: Bathe face, neck, and hands with Turkish Lotion at night, letting it dry on. Wash off in the morning with a very little pure white castile soap and soft water. If the water is hard, add a very little dissolved borax. This will prevent and cure greasy skin, freckles, tan, wrinkles, pimples, blackheads, crow’s-feet, blotches, sunburn, chapped hands, sore lips, rough skin, etc.

After using Turkish Lotion for a short time a lady’s skin will be as exquisitely soft and velvety, as clear and pure, as that of a little child. It is not an artificial cosmetic, but a cleansing, refining, whitening tonic. It feeds and nourishes the skin, preventing and banishing wrinkles, crow’s-feet, and sallowness. It is perfectly harmless and composed of the purest ingredients.

Turkish Lotion is invaluable to every lady. It conceals the evidences of age. By its use a lady of middle-age will have the charming, fresh look of a girl. Every womanly woman desires to appear fresh and youthful as long as possible, thereby making herself the wonder of her own sex and the admiration of the opposite. By using this lotion according to directions every lady may have a fresh, rosy tinted complexion of exquisite pearly fairness, free from wrinkles, crow’s-feet, and sallowness.

One application will make the most stubbornly red and rough hands beautifully soft and white.

Turkish Lotion is not a paint or powder, but a new and great discovery—a cleansing, healing, whitening tonic that causes the cheek to glow with healthy action of the skin, and the neck, arms and hands to assume an exquisite pearly whiteness. By its use all redness and roughness is prevented and the skin is beautified and rendered soft, smooth, and white, thereby imparting a delicate, refined loveliness impossible to describe. Any lady using Turkish Lotion will present a fresh, youthful, natural appearance, with a pearly, rose-tinted complexion that is positively bewitching. It is without doubt the best face lotion ever discovered, being as it is a medicated lotion possessing healing qualities. Many ladies are troubled during cold weather with sore lips, rough, parched skin, and chapped hands upon the slightest exposure. By moistening at night with this wash the parts affected, all soreness and roughness will be completely cured and the face and hands will be as delicately soft and smooth as those of a little child.

No one need suffer any longer from any defect of the skin.

To Cure Sallowness: Use as above directed, and ask your druggist for some good iron tablets. Take as directed. In a short time your complexion will be beautifully white and rose-tinted.

To Remove Hairy Moles and Superfluous Hair: Procure prepared pumice stone from your druggist; cut the hair as close as possible to the skin, dip the pumice in cold water and rub on the part on which the hairs grow, commencing gently at first (as it may cause slight irritation of the skin), then gradually increase the friction. After using the pumice stone, anoint freely each time with Turkish Lotion. Do this twice daily, and it will surely remove superfluous hair.

Always, after using Turkish Lotion, rub gently with the hands until the skin becomes dry. This will remove and prevent wrinkles and lines.

7 Responses to “Natural Wrinkles Lotion”

  1. keo

    I try to do turkish lotion but I do not know that it is right because the color is yellow, pls tell me about tincture of gum benzoin.

  2. Sasha

    Looks promising. But I wonder if the ingredients that it contain are all natural? I mean, I have been burned before when I unwittingly used a beauty product with some chemical ingredients. That's why since then, I'm only using an anti wrinkle cream that has all natural ingredients to make sure that its safe for my sensitive skin.

  3. Blackhead Treatment

    Just came and read, this is wow! I was seek from many blogs, but here is the best, I love it.

  4. Terry Bayer

    Nice to know about Turkish lotion! Wrinkles and crow's feet are really awful! As we get older, fine lines are showing up. Common causes of having fine lines are distress and sun's UV rays. In order to prevent fine lines, some people prefer undergoing a special beauty treatment. Effective beauty recipes and with help from beauty surgery may maintain youthful skin.

  5. Alextitifer

    I have alot of crows feet please tell me where to find this things to make the turkish lotion please help me

  6. Tiffany Brannan

    I bought benzoin resinoid. What percentage of alcohol to resinoid should I use to make tincture of benzoin? Is vodka suitable?

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